The Chameleon Villa in Spain changes its appearance to create a new mood just like the Chameleon lizard does to become camouflaged with its surroundings, only that this house does it by using a hi-tech LED lighting scheme. The owner can change the chosen color every day, every hour or every minute because each room has been designed as a blank box, on which the smart lighting can splash color.

This marvelous house is located in the exclusive area of Son Vida, Mallorca and enjoys sweet views over the sea, city and the harbor of Palma. This three-floor home boasts ten bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a TV room/home cinema, a library and a wine cellar.



Doble tríptic de les ànimes mortes VIII · Doble tríptico de las almas muertas VIII · Double triptych of dead souls VIII

Siurell. Experiments with artificial lights

Ipad photo: setembre· September, 2014

El siurell és una peça de ceràmica tradicional de Mallorca que té una funció de lleure i com a xiulet. Estan fets generalment amb argila i blanquejats amb calç. Solen estar decorats amb pinzellades de colors. La seva mida pot variar entre els 7 i els 15 cm. Es tracta d’un objecte representatiu de la ceràmica popular mallorquina i s’han fet de diverses tipologies, incloent els que incorporen formes antropomòrfiques o zoomòrfiques. S’han fet servir com a joguina per nens de famílies humils, tot i que durant el segle XIX i principis del XX es van tornar a posar de moda.

El siurell es una pieza de cerámica tradicional de Mallorca. Tiene una función de juguete y de silbato. Están elaborados generalmente de arcilla y blanqueados con cal, con pinceladas de color. Su tamaño varía entre los 7 i los 15 cm. Se trata de un objeto representativo de la cerámica popular mallorquina, de la cual se manufacturan diversas tipologías, incluidas las formas antropomórficas o zoomórficas. Se ha usado como juguete en las familias humildes, aunque durante el siglo XIX y XX se volvieron a poner de moda.

The siurell is a piece traditional pottery from Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). It has a toy function and to as whistle. They are made of clay and whitewashed. They are decorated with touchs of color. Its measurement may range from 7 to 15 cm. It is an object representing the Mallorcan pottery and have various types, including those that incorporate anthropomorphic or zoomorphic forms. It has been used as a toy for children from poor families, although during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are returned to fashion. (Wikipedia).


Our new penny loafer, now handwelted on the classic RON last & made using the beautiful & exclusive Museum calf!

The Museum calf leather is made following ancient methods, handmade using only natural dyes to created the subtle, great & special mottled effect. Every skin of Museum calf is glazed by hand in order to have a very transparent & glossy finish.

This is the perfect elegant loafer with a twist; Cominbing the minimal design of the penny loafer with the beautiful mottled effect from the Museum calf. It is handwelted on the classic RON last and is finished with long lasting single chestnut tanned leather soles.

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