Magnetic putty time lapse as it absorbs a rare-earth magnet. Taken over 1.5 hours at 3fps.

I learned tonight that instead of
Not enough, I was too much for you.
That my passion swallowed you
With the same force it created
Itself with, amplified with thoughts
Of your eyes and your hands
And your heart and your lips.
Oh, your lips. As though nothing
Purer had ever touched my own.
I should not love you
Like this. We are both too flawed
And too out of touch with
I go back and forth daily.
Tell myself that you do
Not want me, so in turn
That I should not want you.
We manufacture bigger rooms
In which to house each other’s hearts
Should we ever find they are longing
For escape. For distraction.
When all I long for, still
Is to be yours. You said,
I’m still here. You are pulling me
Close with your words
And I fear I will never feel anything
This natural again.
There is a magnetic force
Between us, that has always
Been there. This love we have
For each other isn’t done
With us yet.
Our voices on the other end
Of the telephone
Are refusing
To let each other go.
—  "A Refusal" by Radha Kistler {}