'It's called Psych, and it's not only laugh-out-loud-untilsodasquirts-out-of-your-nose funny, but it's also perfectly cast - another miracle so rare in modern television.' (x)

‘“Psych” is one of those happy collisions of an intelligent script and an appealing cast.’ (x)

‘“Psych” is a show that celebrates delicious dialogue and, in its way, is one of the wittiest shows on TV.’ (x)

'The black sheep in the ongoing trend of detective and crime-solving shows (“The Mentalist,” “CSI”), “Psych” brings something rare to the screen; a refreshing take on a well-populated genre and light-hearted, occasionally absurd humor that serves as a departure from others that have consistently taken a deeply serious approach to crime solving.' (x)

'It’s not just that the writing is funny, or that the performances are enjoyably lighthearted or that the cast has genuine chemistry – it’s all of that. The entire tone of the show, which is as fizzy and irreverent as can be, is a draw.' (x)


I feel that the right people came together at the exact right time on the exact right network, and it kind of resulted in a show that played by its own rules. We kind of got to do whatever we wanted. We were a show that took you wherever we wanted to take you from week to week. It was a rare experience, where I think we were able to leave it all out on the field, and we had the support of our studio and our network, combined with the blessing of them maybe not entirely understanding what we were doing, which I think would often work to our advantage. As a result, we kind of got to make a show on our own terms, which is incredibly rare, and we got to do it for eight years. That’s extraordinary. - James Roday