Madame Hydra -  /ˈmædəm haɪdrə/

"Madame Hydra. A.K.A Viper. A.K.A. one of the most bipolar, whacked out terrorists that has ever lived. Ever."
REAL NAME: Ophelia Sarkissian
AFFILIATIONS: leader of Hydra; Hellfire Club; H.A.M.M.E.R; ruler of Madripoor, formerly; ex-wife to Wolverine; servant of Chthon; leaderof terrorist organisations


POWERS: slowed ageing; toxins immunity;

ABILITIES: strategy; martial arts; marksman; stealth and espionage; influence; financial resources; knowledgeable in the properties of toxins, venoms, etc.; 

Viper/Madame Hydra

We were orphans. Little girls, all alone. HYDRA gave us a home. Eight great houses. Twelve girls to a house. And in the end, the most determined… The most ambitious… The most aggressive… That girl would be the Viper.

All it cost was everything.

I have been married to a man I hated. I could not marry the man I loved. I betrayed him. And I was betrayed in turn.

Then, I was murdered. Death was welcome and well-deserved.

But HYDRA, it seems, will never be done with me. To live and die and live again.

"The Hellfire Queens".  The idea behind the collaboration was to take certain Hellfire members and place them in a vanity fair-style photo shoot. The barely-there lingerie was replaced, at the artists’ discretion, with outfits that were more appropriate to the individual personalities. Enjoy!

From left to right: W. Scott Forbes (Selene), Saskia Gutekunst (Storm), Kristafer Anka (Emma Frost), Alina Urusov (Tessa/Sage), Ricken (Madame Hydra) & Rodin Esquejo (Jean Grey).