i-am-the-duke said - “I think the better question is why are you looking at everyone’s butts?~”

Rusty - “This isn’t m-my fault, I’m being f-forced t-to look at all t-this hot b-booty”

Lillian - “…uh Rue?”

Rusty - “…uh wut?”

Lillian - “… what are you doing?”

Rusty - “Lil”, hey, you… w-why?”

Lillian - “…why? what d-“

Rusty - “I’m l-looking a b-butts!”

Lillian - “your sat in a room by yourself Rue…”


there are three, two slots are reserved by thatnorwegiankid and redredret

they can take whatever one they want


(i am horrble at naming oc’s, you may name them whatever the fuck you want)




top left:

she is a shy earth pony that dosnt really have any freinds, she is caring whenever she can but mostly she is a snob because of her abusive parents, once she met the other two (yes, all are freinds with each other) she started to speak out a bit and talk about how she solved her problems with her abusive parents, she is still very shy whenever she is face to face with ponies, but she is for some reason ok with talking in large groups, she has no cutie mark because she hasnt earned it yet, also everyone asks her about her right eye and wonders why she keeps it covered all the time, she never tells unless they are very close freinds, the other two know, but they still dont know why she was treated like this, and they want to help her with confronting her parents and telling them what she has wanted to say to them for a VERY long time.

bottom: he is one of the most sociable of the three freinds, he is caring and well thoughtful of people, his cutie mark is somthing that represents cosplay and anything that does with roleplay, he does it whenever he can and try’s to make jokes on certain subjects a lot, his parents really loved him but he ran away when he was 15 because of problems at school, hes gotten over them and went back to his parents later on, he met the other two when he was 16 and went into a bar and saved him from somthing that i shoudnt say on here, hes been freinds with them ever since and they cosplay all the time whenever they can.

top right:

she is a sillt pony that likes to make ponies laugh, she even made pinkie laugh once because of it, and thats rare if you get pinkie to laugh. she has a special ability that lets her roll her eyes wherever she wants them too, but with control of both, she is very social and tries to make jokes online, and people have liked them, her parents were rich snobs that woudnt understand that she LOVED to make people laugh and her parents never laughed at her jokes, but at her, for NO REASON, and she coudnt understand, she met the “emo pony” as everyone called her in school, in 3rd grade when she was sitting alone, with a hidden razor blade, ready at the wrist, and tried to cheer her up, and worked perfectly. they have been freinds ever since, and everytime she needed help, she would go to her and try to cheer her up.

whelp, thats all, you cannot take more than 1!

they all are freinds and they must do stuff with each other all the time.

you can modify the story from this point, as im letting them go now


they are freinds with me as well, so :P

Alright. This was a super popular request on Facebook so I might as well post it here so peeps can see uncensored version. Have at it bruh.
Tattoo artist: Scott Mundy
Where artist is located: Living Art Tattoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Please no hate on the artist. People get whatever tats they want and the artist just gives it to them. He’s an amazing guy so if you want a tatt give them a look!

I felt like drawing Reina because I love her so much, in winter clothes, because I bet she’d look adorwable in ‘em. She’s probably giving a nervous chuckle in this picture as she shivers in the cold, glancing over at Joen like “c-can we go inside now p-p-please? I-It’s too bloody f-freezing!”

Also yeah my style is altering a little, getting a bit of inspiration from some of my idols. I’m so happy with how it looks. :3



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