[…]“You know… at the end of this, there will be far more dead bodies to burn than now,” Zevran added. “Many of these people will never return home. Most of them are aware of the possibility to perish in this war. So why are they here then anyway,hmm?”

“Because they have not much choice?” Lenya snorted bitterly, shaking her head. “Because it means Ferelden is doomed otherwise? Because an ancient treaty of the Wardens forced them to?”

“Ah yes, sound reasons, though you forgot the most important indeed, my dear.”

Her brows furrowed. “Which one?”

You.” Staring at him in shock, a gasp escaped her. “Without you, no one of us would be here, least of all me. These people follow you, because they believe in you, my dear. They believe you can make the impossible happen again, like you did for the entirety of the past year.”

“And how long?” Thrown back by the odd course of her answer,  Zevran knitted his brows in confusion. “How long will they all do so? How long will my convenience last for these humans before they start to…” The smoke burned in the back of her throat, as she snapped for air, shuddering. Suddenly it felt as walls were closing in on her, suffocating and binding her in place like the chains in that cell once did. She could barely breathe, each intake of air not enough. Balling the hands to fists at her sides and teeth gnashing, Lenya fought through the bitter remembrance of them devaluing everything she was, hated the echo of pain searing her skin. 

Not all of them are bad, she tried to tell herself, while swallowing down the memories of that place, stowed away for later. This was not the time, nor place for self-pity, and yet she couldn’t help it. “How long until they forget about what I did for them and they start calling me savage knife-ear again, trying to kick me in the curb, huh? My people and the dwarves will leave as soon this is over, but I have to live in this shitty world dominated by these assholes and their superiority complex.”

Understanding flickered in his eyes, before their corners crinkled in mild amusement. “This is why it will be come in handy to have an assassin around, no?”

“What?” One eyebrow shot up. “No wise-cracking platitudes of how everything will be fine, how everyone will love me forever for stopping the Blight, that me being elvhen will no longer matter and my people will be respected due to my deeds?”  

“Ah, so you want me to lie to you, my dear?”

“No, this is not…” Lenya stopped herself with an extended sigh, before throwing her hands up. “You know what? Why the fuck not? Give me the best you got.”

“Let’s see.” Zevran’s smile widened, his gloved finger tapped at his quirked lips in a manner of thinking. “Everything will be fine. Everyone – no matter their race –  will adore the very ground you walk upon, forever. Legends of your glorious heroics will become a mandatory tale for all scholars and eternity. Mothers will name their children after you, even the boys. The elves – we – will get back the lost homeland, and instead Arlath'an it is named after you for your achievements. There, in Lenya-land you will rule side by side with your human lover as our queen, after finding a cure for your taint and regaining immortality, of course.”      

“Lenya-land?” She burst out in a fit of laughter, its sheer absurdity mercifully distracting her from the dark thoughts inside. “You are full of shit, Aranai.”

“And now you fault me for trying, after asking me to lie?” Grinning widely, he tsked. “Such cruelty, my dear.”

i never disliked the dalish when i first played dragon age, but i did prefer city elves, just because like… i identify more w/ city elves??? i DID hate how bioware wrote dalish elves where they were sooooo arrogant and awful just for disliking the race that committed racial and cultural genocide against their people tho

but now that inquisition is out i a) hate how bioware has chosen to write the dalish even more (mostly because of the baby mage retcon) and b) love the dalish to pieces i will defend the dalish to my death because i am super passionate about them now. they’re trying so hard and they have so little to work with. and they’re wrong about so much. my children. my babies. my tiny pointy friends. i hope i get to help you in future games instead of just killing you all like we can in the other three games.


And here are the rest of my elven children! 

Meris is at the top followed by Mahanon and then Sulevin. Annd then darling headcanoned sisters Seni and Shiala are on the bottom.

What is the absolute lowest number of people you can kill in DAO?

And by people I mean dwarves, elves, Qunari and humans. 

Creatures don’t count.

Like I know you have to kill some people in the Temple Of Sacred Ashes in the room before most sections of the Temple, and in the room with whatshisface.

And you have to kill Howe…

But otherwise? 

dourhanded asked:

"I am crossing the lake to the Eavespires. Do you want to come?"

You ask? ❞ the elf maid raises her eyes from the document she was studying only to watch the smiling dunadan before her. This day proved to be entirely uneventful with the summer heat making even the most important chores seem unimportant. For now. With a simple gesture, she removes the paper from her study, raises and walks the distance to him.  ❝ Meet me by the docks. I need to take something first. ❞ And with that she returns a smile before making her way out to the corridors of the massive fortress. Her stomach accompanied her with a small growl and the elf maid realized in that day she has not eaten a thing. So a small meal in her favorite spot in the lake surroundings sounded perfect. Also her bow and arrows were two objects that should not be missing in any of her journeys. In less than half a hour, Ellanorin made her way to the docks with a basket and her bow and quiver, dressed for hunting. 

      ❝ I suppose we should be moving. Or face the 
      consequences of my growling stomach. ❞

Okay but why do I really want a universe where the race of elves is owned by the race of dwarves? I mean think about it.

Elves outliving their original masters so they’re left in wills to other descendants.

Elves that didn’t matter much to their masters not mentioned in the will so they’re auctioned off.

Elves don’t grow body hair like dwarves so they aren’t seen as beautiful or attractive, just property for dwarves to own and use.

Elves being bred to produce the finest offspring to be sold for a profit.

Elves’ worth being judged by the paleness of their hair, skin, and eyes. The more white the skin, silver-blonde the hair, and pale blue-grey the eyes, the more valuable the elf.

I could go on and on.

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When I said "last anon" I meant the "ew, no mayflies" guy, but about the anon that ninja'd me, I think I know what he means about younger elves. I got basically abandoned to among humans in adolescence and at first I ignored the older humans and made friends with human teenagers. Then I watched my friends grow up and I really understood that all the adults in my life had actually been young once. Not every human wants to know a "teenage" elf their whole life but I got very lucky!

Oh, sorry about the mixup!  That sounds like it’s been a valuable experience for you.  There’s so much value to be derived from constructive interspecies interactions!

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It's more than possible that the elves they're talking about are the ancient elves from Arlathan or the Dales, which had years of lore and skillcrafting. Doesn't necessarily means the Alienage Elves or the Dalish.

But still, that still makes no sense.

In the Dwarven Noble origin the guy says he had the dagger specially made for you. Unless he has a time machine he can’t have ancient elves do that work.