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Got7 reaction to their crush being extremely nervous on their first date? (Like their crush keeps blushing, playing with their fingers and constantly fixing their hair) Ty 😊💕

sure thing, i hope this is what you’re looking for!

  • Mark - On the inside Mark would feel quite awkward about it, but on the outside he’d just laugh it off and he wouldn’t think much of it either. He would be pretty chill and tell her not to worry or be nervous and he’d probably try to divert her thoughts to other subjects. 
  • JB - I think Jaebum would feel a bit accomplished knowing that she’s nervous for their first date. He would probably enjoy seeing her all flustered and stuff as well, so he wouldn’t really do anything about it and he’d just continue to be the sweet boy that he is. 
  • Jackson - Her being nervous on their first date would just fuel Jackson’s confidence. He would probably find it really cute and joke around with her so that she would feel more comfortable around him. 
  • Jr. - Jinyoung, like Jackson, would try to joke around to divert her attention away from her nervousness. He would probably find her nervousness cute and it would make him fall for her even more. 
  • Youngjae - Youngjae would be really awkward, probably because he’d also be a little nervous. He wouldn’t even notice her nervousness because it would be overshadowed  by his own. His little stutters here and there would probably cause her to feel more comfortable too. 
  • Bambam - Bambam would be really sweet about it all. He would also probably find it really adorable that she’s nervous to meet him. Knowing that she’s nervous and all, he would make the first move to start a conversation so that she would feel more at ease. 
  • Yugyeom - I think Yugyeom, like Youngjae, would be a little nervous himself, so he would probably find comfort in the fact that she’s feeling the same way. He would be really awkward with her at first, but he would also try to make her feel more comfortable with him. 
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