Wild whales, a gallery on Flickr.

With good luck and quick reflexes, photographers capture thrilling moments of getting close to those alluring whale species in a variety of locations around the world.

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Photos by tracyafosterTim Melling, Fritz Wilhelm, and kozyndan.

BREAKING: Marine Jailed in Mexico Just Got BIG News, and He’ll Probably Love It

BREAKING: Marine Jailed in Mexico Just Got BIG News, and He’ll Probably Love It

On Wednesday, lawmakers within the House Foreign Affairs Committee made an announcement about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi that he’s more than likely going to be happy about.

TheBlazereports that the Marine, who’s been jailed in Mexico for several months, may soon be released based on a breakthrough talk that Chairman Ed Royce had with Mexican authorities regarding Tahmooressi, who has been diagnosed…

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Using Executive Authority, President Obama created the world’s largest protected marine reserve in Pacific Ocean.

President Obama used his legal authority to create the world’s largest fully protected marine reserve in the central Pacific Ocean, demonstrating his increased willingness to advance a conservation agenda without the need for congressional approval.

By broadening the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument from almost 87,000 square miles to more than 490,000 square miles, Obama has protected more acres of federal land and sea by executive power than any other president in at least 50 years and makes the area off-limits to commercial fishing.

The proclamation — which Secretary of State John F. Kerry announced during an oceans meeting he convened in New York on Thursday — will mean added protections for deep-sea coral reefs and other marine ecosystems that administration officials say are among “the most vulnerable” to the negative effects of climate change. The document signed by Obama noted that the expanded area contains “significant objects of scientific interest that are part of this highly pristine deep sea and open ocean ecosystem with unique biodiversity.” WaPo

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Midnight Parrotfish, Scarus coelestinus.

This parrot fish comes in blue or black. Their heads lack scales, and feature a blue band between the eyes. These fish live in tropical coral reefs in places like Bermuda, Florida, and Brazil.

The Midnight Parrotfish feed on algae growing on the coral reefs. Parrotfish get their name from their specially adapted teeth, which look like a parrot’s beak. This adaptation (a physical characteristic or behavior that helps an organism survive), helps the fish to scrape algae from the coral. This is an important ecological function because if there were no parrotfish, the algae could grow so thick that it would suffocate the coral.

[video via expertvillage]

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