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Footage of Venezuelan police beating a woman.

Things are not okay in my home country. Please #prayforvenezuela.


Maracay by Jhon Moore.

Maracay is a tropical typeface that works for texts or headlines, mainly as a display font and designed to work in layers of overlapping texts. Maracay is a unique design with nine fonts based creating a particular style of design and the combination of a couple different looks can be obtained eighteen. Thanks to the versatility of coloring matter, together form a coherent and attractive ideal for a variety of different projects such as invitations, menus, magazines, brochures, packaging, design, etc. 
Maracay provides alternate characters, swash, ligatures, icons, ordinals and fractions. 
Maracay has 4 shape styles : Regular Maracay base as essential as Tooled variations of brightness or wood with the appearance of a WoodType vintage wooden texture . Inner font as serves as Light or inner contour of the foregoing. Follow three fonts contouring as Outline, Shape and Umbra as a 3D projection. For decorative purposes Shape that there is a textured lines or Half as a split in the top half letter. 
Maracay has been carefully studied to provide the best combinations of the most of pairs and trios of glyphos avoiding undesirable extensions between ornate characters through its Opentype programming.

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Muchos me ven y creen que es cosa de muchachos 
que me drogo, que soy un bobo, que soy un borracho 
sin saber cuánto trabajo pa’ pagar mi rancho 
y que me educo para ser un Don Quijote más que un Sancho 
parezco un loco respecto a la mayoría, salgo poco 
me gusta más la oscuridad que el día 
tengo mal carácter y un par de problemas psicológicos 
no creo en la biblia sino en razonamientos lógicos