”Please, child, do you think I don’t know you at all? I’m not going to say there is some easy future for you, or even any future at all. I only want you not to punish yourself. You’ve always felt the truth in him, then and now. Your heart is not w r o n g. Your heart is your strength. You don’t have to be a s h a m e d”

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it started when people were asking for trash-god and I to adopt them and while I got the lactacting-tiddy-from-hell name of Mama Milk, trash was called Papa Trash and that is much cooler like that is the name of a grungy southern rock band or the nickname of a hilarious but crazy and mildly dangerous uncle who always gets wasted and punches someone in the face at family BBQ’s.  


After this, Kenji says, “Usagi’s still here?” and Ikuko’s basically like, “oh shit I forgot!”

Coupled with the looks on their face?

Yeah, Usagi nearly walked in on the lifelong scarring trauma of her parents making out in the kitchen.


This entire scene…anyone catching this episode for the first time would think Booth and Brennan were a romantic couple. Gordon cooking dinner for them, the ” we can find a permanent place for him, right?” (they were already a “we”) and then his very casual arm around her when they’re leaving his apartment.

Bones S7 premiere previews

#Bones is back! Thank you FoxBroadcasting for putting these up on YouTube :) Here’s all 5 of the clips in one convenient place. Enjoy!

Also, in case anybody’s interested, I’ve included these videos in my Bones Season 7 playlist.  I’ve just been adding to it as the promos come out.  I’ll see if I can embed that here too.  Enjoy!

I leave you with post Bones Halloween greetings from the Y2Y :)