Work in Progress Wednesday!

With all the armor wrapped up, I finished the top coat and all the small details on the M8 Avenger. Minus adding some reinforcement to the grip, it came out really nicely! The prop is made from four layers of 10mm EVA foam, with the small details being made out of 2mm craft foam. The bolts are paper fasteners. The scope and the lower muzzle are small pvc fittings while the long barrel and the top muzzle are craft foam.


I have no words. *___*


[TRIFORCE] Mass Effect 3 M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle Replica Unboxing

Day 1 (of likely 4) of painting. Got the base coat for the silver done (Mcmasters paint, while amazing, takes a lot of coats to coat the plasti-dip). Also got the rough paint in for a couple of details, along with the start of some of the weathering. 

Tomorrow, gotta do the same for the other side, then both sides will need their detailing work done.