asked to provide some self portraits for an upcoming profile i discovered there was little in the way of dearth. 

I’m 79 away from my next thousand and it would ROCK if you guys would pretty please help me get there. I’ll be checking out everyone who reblogs!!

In honor of 41 followers, I present to you Commander Bering, since he’s 41-years-old.

I don’t have much to say about him except that he acts like a dad sometimes and I’m am 79% sure Bering’s gonna drop a dad joke at some point to Cain.

Also, I feel that he and Cain have some sort of a relationship. Not a romantic or sexual one, but they definitely have more than just a friendly officer-enlisted relationship.

My grandfather has slight dementia so every once in a while we ask him how old he is. Every time “I’m 48.” When we tell him he’s 84, he doesn’t believe us. Then when he looks to my grandmother, he asks “how old are you Betty?” she’ll go, “I’m 79” and he’ll be beyond shocked and say “Whoa, you’re too old for me.” 😂 😂 😂

….I’m fam lvl 79 and I have 5 family points.


Temporary bug. Didn’t fix when I changed map, had to re-log. But I thought it was permanent and I got pretttttyyy pissed. 

I’m so lost on this new patch. Fam attributes are a pain in the ass, I’m initialising it each time I change role, because I warp and change channel too often to change it every single map. I’m gonna run out of shiny crystal for raids and I seriously dunno how to get more. Quests, why even bother, heard they are bugged and got reds camping waiting for noobs like me. Weapon enhancement…. I can pretty much give up on upping new weapons…. what am I aiming for in GE now? :x Can’t make new toys for Ion and Lionel…

Can’t seem to reach fam lvl 80. I’m wasting this 100% exp event. Whenever i afk, the moment I stop checking I lagspike and die then dc… 

Untitled #1565 by ritavalente featuring t shirts

3 1 Phillip Lim t shirt, €160 / Acne Studios blue jacket, €835 / Ripped skinny jeans, €32 / Acne Studios high heel ankle boots, €555 / Balenciaga genuine leather handbag, €1.335 / John Hardy infinity knot bracelet, €365 / Monica Vinader adjustable friendship bracelet, €130 / H M bracelet jewelry, €2,79

To follow up on my last picture I wanted to upload a picture that only shows this lighthouse in a moody scenery. Please view it on black background or hit “M” to enlarge!

The first lighthouse in Grótta was built in 1897 and the current one dates back to 1947. The original lens is still in use and the lighthouse was electrified in 1956. The lighthouse is a white conical tower, red lantern house. The focal Pln is 24 m (79 ft) and the tower height is 23 m (75 ft).

Grótta is a spit of land in Seltjarnarnes, a neighboring town of Reykjavík, which turns into an island at high tide. During low tide one can reach Grótta on foot and stay there for approximately six hours before the isthmus is flooded.

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anonymous asked:

102, 79, 54?

102: Are you too shy to ask someone out?

more like terrified that the other person isn’t into me and i’m overreacting. 

79: What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face?

my darling Knight, ;)

54: Did you get any compliments today?

i made an awesome flower crown while we were outside and people were saying i was talented B)