Want your rwby oc(s) to be in a lyric video?

(So, I the mun of with-dust-and-luck and with-nerds-and-badart, want to create an art project. 

I, of the recent, have gotten into homestuck. Often in the homestuck fandom, you will stumble upon lyricstucks. Where artists draw scenes with the characters with lyrics. 

I wanted to do one, but thought why not do one for my rwby ocs since I know how to draw the best. Since I had been nearing 300 followers, why not do it for my followers with ocs because why not?

So, you’re probably thinking, how do I get my oc in this very thing? 

Well, simple. Here are the rules/how-to. 

  • You can reblog this post and put it in the tags. I will write down your oc. 
  • Must be following me 
  • You can send me a message, and I will also write it down
  • You can answer this post with what oc you want 
  • You can have multiple ocs but do not have like over ten or something. If it gets too bad, I’ll have to make a limit of one team per blog. 

I have no idea when I’ll start. So, this post will be up.  

anonymous asked:

Er uh your blog is amazing and I love your Gamzee drawings, but uh could you possibly like link me the post (the photos not the video) for the lyricstuck (Just Another Day) you did? Thank you! ~Shy Anon

thank you! since I’m on mobile atm i can’t give u a link, but try the “lyricstuck” or “cherubs” tag :)


heres the gay thing in video form so yea ! gay alpha kids bein gay  :D

(in case some of the images don’t load here’s a backup version)

finally finished!! man these past 2 weeks were pretty crazy

[textless images photoset] [ download all the images with and without text]


And lo, it is finally finished! Happy (early) 413, Everybody~

I decided to post a bit sooner since we’re all going to be focused on the upd8 tomorrow. In the meantime, WHO’S HYPE BECAUSE I AM.

If you’re interested, I’ll be posting a couple HD shots tagged as #Counting Starsigns on my page. A couple will be made into wallpapers, but if you see something in particular you want a higher quality version of look there and if I haven’t put it up yet feel free to message me.

This is dedicated to Vivien - my dorky best friend with who I’ve shared a lot of tears and laughs over the last 9 months. It’s been unbelievable, everything we both went though.

Thank you for all the shared jokes, long chatlogs and friendly jabs. Thank you for saying “I understand” when everyone else said “cheer up”. Thank you for allowing me to experience what being an older sister is like and for all the promises we’ve made. You’re one and only person I ever opened up to like this. 

Happy birthday dear! <3