It dates back for many years, when my wife and her family moved here almost 12 years ago. I used to visit every 6 months when I had free time in Uruguay and I would spend my holidays here, and well, I enjoyed the city, the atmosphere of the stadium everytime I could visit it. And then, as time went by i was already in Europe and could visit more often. Everytime I had a day off I came here because I loved it. Also I have stuff from the first time I came here: I would buy Barcelona bag packs, anything from the club because I was a big fan and my dream was to play here. And well, to have the privilege today I value it.
—  Luis Suarez, on his affinity for Barcelona
When I started coming here and became a fan, it was the time of Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto’o, beginnings of Leo and well, those times mark you. It was football that was nice to see. Then it came the Guardiola era, with Andres and Xavi would control the team. Everytime, we from other teams would say: “how easy it must be with players so skilled, it must be easy for a striker to score with them”. And now I have that responsibility, all the strikers here.
—  Luis Suarez