So I Had This Idea...

for a WTNV TV show or movie:

Cecil is played by like a hundred different actors that look different but are all dubbed over by Cecil Baldwin. Cecil’s look randomly changes between scenes with no questions and no explanations. In fact, in some scenes, you can actually see the actors ‘tag’ themselves in and out.
The same set up is used for Kevin.
Carlos is played by Dylano Marron.
Steve Carlsberg is played by Hal Lubin, and he is the only one who notices Cecil’s looks changing, but no one listens to him.
Janice notices too, but she thinks its cool.
And a running gag is that there are signs or newspaper front pages that say ‘Who is the REAL Joseph Fink?’

But yeah, that’s my idea.



I HAD TO FUNNEST TIME EVER! OWO!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING TO MY STREAM! i had a super blast! qwq Thank you FOFO, Shayna, Phui, Moop, Roya, Amy, Tina(Snuffen), The Good Wario, AlienDeathHammer, Cptn Sylver, Soundwavespark, BadCop/GoodCop! I hope i managed to name everyone! D: If not please let me know and i’ll put your name in ;;

THANK YOU GUYS FOR JOINING ME IN MY STREAM! QWQ i cannot wait for the next meeting qwq

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Les Beehive – Film-maker Lauren Lubin presents “We Exist”

WE EXIST follows the life of Lauren, a person who identifies as “gender neutral,*” as well as the life of others who exist outside the binary gender structure of female and male. Take an intimate journey through the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes Lauren and others undergoes just to be themselves.

See how simple things like choosing which public restroom (or changing room) to use is a challenge and part of every day life.

This positive and empowering film will highlight what individuals must go through to fulfill their ultimate life-long dream: to feel comfortable and natural in their own skin, and as well as in society. Intimately travel with Lauren and others through their extraordinary journeys and witness the beautiful lives of gender diverse individuals.

After hearing “our truth”, you will never look at gender the same way.

Click here to read more about this exciting project & find out how you can contribute!


Lauren Lubin talks about their film Gender Blender, which chronicles their transition from ‘female’ to gender neutral.

"Why is the message so important? Transgender people and those who exist outside the gender binary have attempted suicide rates between 40 and 60 percent compared to the 1.6 percent for the general population. This community is consistently ignored, is subject to widespread discrimination, and has one of the highest abuse rates of any other demographic. Put simply, we do not exist. We do not exist in most bathrooms and changing rooms. We do not exist in the media. We do not exist in official government paperwork. We do not exist in academia at large nor in most literature. We have become invisible. This dire situation is the driving force behind this big idea. We wish to be visible once again. We wish to tell our stories and to no longer be silenced. It is only through this conversation that we can allow a space for us to grow and this is the conversation behind this film.”