OH MY FUCKING GOD WHY I AM JUST NOW WATCHING THIS!?!?! I just watched all of season 1 and the first ep of Season 2 and I WANT MORE! IM IN LOVE! I am Cheeks all the fucking way ahhaahahh put some stilletos on him and some darker eye makeup and just call him Marquel… ahahahah <3 I fucking love this show! BUT GASP! HOW DARE BRADY TELL HIM TO BE LESS GAY?! EXCUSE ME! HUNYY U STAY FLAMBOYANT AND BE YOU! <3 he better <3 lol

I’ve been having so much fun doing fan art of the characters from the web series, Husbands. Check it out! Look for it on youtube or at

I’ll be exhibiting at Bent-Con at the end of the year and I am going to make prints of the finals of these to gift to the creators and cast. It’s such a funny series, and very well done.

This is my Haley, work in progress.


Upcoming Interview: Let's Talk TV with Special Guest Jane Espenson

by Barbara Barnett

Featured Host in Television

Mon, January 21, 2013 09:00 pm ET

Call in to speak with the host (718) 305-6982

The godess of sci-fi television Jane Espenson will join me live in the studio Monday night January 21.

We will discuss the current season of Once Upon a Time as well as her latest episode, which airs Sunday 1/20/13. 

Jane will take calls from fans and we’ll also touch base on what the Husbands crew is up to as well. So join us then!


January 6th, 2012 — via (@M4PR_Mel)

Sasha Roiz (Guest Star) & Melanie Marquez (Public Relations Manager) — @TeamHusbands

Always FANTASTIC running into someone from @teamhusbands @nbc's #TCA13 w/ @sasharoiz #Grimm…

— Melanie M4PR Marquez (@M4PR_Mel) January 6, 2013