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05x01 “Lucifer Rising”
05x18 “Point of No Return”
09x02 “Devil May Care”
10x20 “Angel Heart”

That Thing about Being A Vessel and Saving the World


Hey guys! i thought this was cool, Forever 21 is now selling some products from This is a Love Song!

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine #5- Requested

Anon: Hi! I justo live the way you write! Youre awesome! I entre at your blog every tour yo ser if you write smthing! Can I request you one: an anon is part of the avengers and Pietro is crazy in love with her and try yo be with ver but the other avengers wont ley him because they thing he will hurt her! Thank u! Kisses from Argentina!

A/N: Yesss this is such a cute request! I love Argentina! I can’t wait to go back there! It means a lot to me for you to look at my blog and like the way I write. You’re such a sweet person and I wish I could tell you but its anon so I’m just going to have to tell you through here aha. I hope you enjoy it xox  

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Mini imagine 😊💕

{y/c/n= your crushes name y/n= your name y/c/f/n= your crushes friends name.} I’m writing in third person.

It was a bad day for you actually. It was prom day and you weren’t allowed to go as all of your school friends were going, so you tried to block yourself from the Internet and went for a stroll in the park on your own. You started swinging on the swings as you were scrolling through your messages and there was tons of pictures of your friends having the time of there lives. You started to cry which was expected because it’s very sad. You thought no one was looking as there was some people in the park but mainly boys who were too focused on their football game. You didn’t know that you were always in this guys attention, from the time you stepped into the park.

As you were still weeping slowly y/c/n noticed, he kept looking towards you knowing that something was up.
y/c/f/n:“what’s wrong with you lad”, “why’d you keep looking down there? Focus on the game” your crush ignores him as if he was so lost in you he wasn’t even listening to a word his friend was saying. Soon after he couldn’t take it anymore and decided he was going to walk over to you (FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FORVER… He’s very shy). As he approached your swing you looked at him in shock because you weren’t really aware that he was in the park which is surprising because you always notice him no matter how large the crowd is.

”Hi, you ok?” He says while slowly sitting down on the swing beside you “Yeah I’m fine” you say with a smile wiping of your tear… But he knew you were not fine. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at prom?” He said. “No, I wasn’t allowed to go” – While you guys are talking you can see all his friends staring with interest,like watching a movie. “Are you upset about prom?” *you nod* “I won’t get my dance”… The air get more and silent as he does not say a word for a good 2 minutes. Then suddenly a soft music comes on from his side… You had no clue what was going on.

*When your legs don’t work like they used to before* Ed sheerans soft tuned hit your ear drums and you heard the one you love say “May I have this dance” *puts his hands out to you*. Your shocked to see what’s going on but you decide to give him your hand and now his friends can’t get their eyes off you two dance in the park and it was very magical… As the song went on you and your crush got closer and closer… He leans in for a kiss and you give in ending the song with a sweet kiss and then you thought to yourself this is way better then any prom…

Authors note:
Sorry this is a very bad imagine but I’ve always wanted to write one so here it is 😂😂 Thank you😘💕

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I want to believe in Heaven and Hell singularly for the purpose that I want to know Josh Duggar and his parents and all the people like them with burn in Hell for all of eternity.

Mostly however I wish those girls he touched to be okay, because NO ONE deserves that. And it terrifies me to think they had to live their lives publicly with their abuser and knowing that no one cared about it. Not their parents. Not the police. Not the network filming their entire lives.

Girls I hope more than anything you all have the strength to confront this and finally move past it. You are not defined by the man who touches you. You are defined by YOU.