“…my desire to pursue, find and admire the endless beauty around me, had made me come to resent myself for not being beautiful. so, i clawed at my flesh; i wanted to be nothing… i knew to be nothing would be better than to be a dirty mark on a masterful work. i clawed and i scraped and i dug. but i dug too deep. 

beyond form, i found myself deep in my own psyche - a timeless world where nothing is, everything was and everything-to-be is now. a single breath would prove to last an eternity. as i slowly sank through the chaos, i would see every conflict that was and could be, resolve itself, and every problem and solution  combine into one entity. silence. i thought i had hit the bottom because i had stopped falling, only to find myself weightless in the middle of a calm. i looked up. through centuries of disapproval and contempt and i could now objectively see my own ‘beauty’. beauty doesn’t accurately describe this quality…this…thing. but it was breathtaking. it became instantly clear and shamefully obvious that i couldn’t see myself, this way, for all this time, because i had never truly looked at me. how incredible that this unique, graceful and regal thing had been with me all along. i closed my eyes and smiled. ‘i know i belong.’”


Influences for the audio installation ‘vacuum plaything begging god’ a collaboration between myself and Ellen Welsh. We intended for the installation to be immersive, transforming the viewers sense of place and reality. We intend for it to mirror set designs within television and film; strange spaces that conform to everyday life yet are slightly off- artificial. The aim is to disorientate, and we are looking into altering spaces through size, pattern, lighting and objects. Artists and sets we have looked at for inspiration include, The Avengers (The House that Jack Built), Bruce Nauman, Anthony McCall, Mike Nelson, Twin Peaks (The Red Room), Gail Pickering, Repulsion and David Reed (Judy’s Bedroom). 

The Only Girl in Her World

(Kyla POV)

PROSPERO: Then, as my gift and thine own acquisition
Worthily purchased take my daughter: but
If thou dost break her virgin-knot

(Act 4, Scene 1, Lines 13-15)- page 189

The wording in lines 13-14 are strikingly commercial. Miranda is referred to as a “gift,” which can also be considered Ferdinand’s “acquisition,” and she is “worthily purchased.” Of course, this makes sense as he is essentially giving Ferdinand his blessing, but he is making his only daughter sound much more like an object than a young woman. 

When looking through the feminist lens, this leads me to believe that Miranda has no say in when she loses her virginity. The fact that Prospero is only talking to Ferdinand while also in Miranda’s presence can make one think that he is implying that since she is a female, she does not have a voice when it comes to matter such as this. When combined with the fact that there are no other female characters in the entire play, this passage suggests that Shakespeare wasn’t really concerned with gender equality, reflecting the thinking of his time.

streetcrowned asked:

7.My muse looking through a dirty magazine

“The modern ages have such curious objects. Like this. It’s strange, why does it even exist since one has porn on the internet?”, he mumbled, flipping the pages casually.

Today’s apps gone free: Sago Mini Road Trip, Golden Trails 2, Analog Film and more:

Go on a drive through the countryside, travel back in time and look for hidden objects, and apply film-based filters to your photos with todays collection of apps and games.

All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers.


LaLa Lunchbox – Fun lunch planning for parents and kids ($0.99 Free, 18.5 MB): An app that provides you and your hungry little monsters with a fun way to plan and pack lunches. Its absolutely perfect for parents who want to empower their kids, save time, and save money.

LaLa Lunchbox gives your child a say in what they get to have for lunch by allowing them to personalize their lunchbox with a fun monster and fill it with a large selection of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and a snack. Anything that’s added to the lunchbox will also be placed in your grocery list, so you can always have the right types of foods on hand. The app includes the ability to save favorite meals, multiple sharing options, and the ability to sync items between multiple devices.

LaLa Lunchbox – Fun lunch planning for parents and kids is available for free today only (05/22). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 76 ratings.


Flower Cells ($0.99 Free, 19.1 MB): Relax with a game of Flower Cells. Its for fans of matching puzzle games.

This colorful puzzle game requires you to group five or more of the same colored flowers together. Youre able to do so by drawing their path on the screen. Flowers can not travel through other flowers, so plan ahead. Keep in mind that after each turn new flowers will be added to the grid unless you create a grouping of five or more, making it more and more difficult to maneuver flowers. The game includes two modes, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

Flower Cells is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 50 ratings.

Analog Film ($2.99 Free, 87.5 MB): Apply film-based filters to your favorite photos with Analog Film. Its for any iPhoneographer who wants to give their photos that classic look.

Analog Film provides you with so many options that youll have to set some time aside just to look through them all. It includes more than 400 presets in total, with more being added all of the time. Youre able to apply filters to photos from your library or see how they look over your subject in real time. Youre also able to adjust the intensity of the filter via a slider. Presets can be saved as favorites for quick access later on. The app also includes a grid view for shooting, loads of editing tools, and the ability to share your photos via your favorite social networks.

Analog Film is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 21 ratings.

Dandelion ($1.99 Free, 164.8 MB): An interactive storybook about bullying and the power of imagination. Dandelion is for parents and teachers who want to start a conversation with their children about bullying.

The story is about a little boy named Benjamin Brewster who is having troubles with bullies at his school. As your child experiences the story, they will be able to help Benjamin fend off his bullies through hidden games. The app includes beautiful illustrations, a calming soundtrack, and the ability to physically blow dandelions from the screen and send well-wishes.

Dandelion is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4-star rating with a total of 31 ratings.

Sago Mini Road Trip ($2.99 Free, 53.6 MB): Your child can go on a drive through the countryside with Jinja the cat in Sago Mini Road Trip. Its a fun distraction for children ages two through five.

Your child gets to participate in every part of the journey. They must pick a destination, pack their bags, choose a vehicle, and hit the road. Along the way theyll be able to fuel up, wash their car, and interact with other environmental objects. You wont find any timers or rules here. Just a place to explore.

Sago Mini Road Trip is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 54 ratings.


Golden Trails 2: Hidden Object Adventure (Premium) ($4.99 Free, 303.3 MB): Travel back to the 18th century to help Henry rescue his granddad in Golden Trails 2. Its for fans of hidden object adventure games.

Henrys granddad has been accused of being a pirate and has been condemned to death as a result. Its up to you to help Henry collect the tools that will save his granddad while uncovering all sorts of secrets buried in exotic locations. Each scene has a variety of objects to discover, and the faster you work, the more points youll score. Just try to avoid mindlessly tapping the screen, as it will freeze up and cost you valuable time. Bandits will also enter the scene at random, and you must tap on them to fire and protect yourself to earn extra hints.

Golden Trails 2: Hidden Object Adventure (Premium) is available for free today only (05/22). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 438 ratings.

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* Analog Film
* LaLa Lunchbox - Fun lunch planning for parents and kids
* Flower Cells
* Dandelion
* Sago Mini Road Trip
* Golden Trails 2: Hidden Object Adventure (Premium)

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Shows how the laptop screen sheets distort the objects. I like the idea of having the sides open so the viewers can see the actual objects from the side. I asked a few people what they thought of this way to present and every person after looking from above bent down to look through the side in order to help them understand the object.

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We all go through this period when looking at reviews: We want an objective reviewer that will only state the facts and be scientific* about it.  We understand those feelings, but understand that these feelings only strive to hurt you in the end.

There’s a reason why you want us to be subjective: you want reviews that…

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Talking Head Recording Script

“My name is Hannah Davies and I am a level six student at Birmingham City University studying Art&Design.

 After exploring the possibilities of optical devices such as the camera obscura, I experimented with its basic elements to see what different outcomes it can produce. Following on from these outcomes I became intrigued with the use of lenses and the concept of looking through a dark space of an object to see an outcome. I aimed to create optical viewing devices made out of objects that had been photographed throughout my family history using many photographs collected from my grandparent’s house dating back to the 1950’s, of relatives living their everyday lives. I have selected few that show objects, mainly lampshades, in the background that wouldn’t have been seen as significant at the time the photograph was taken, which I aim to, in a sense, bring to life as an optical device.

  My practice has changed incredibly since the start of my university experience as I always tried to incorporate photography and print within my work. I’d imagined at the start of this course my final work would be perhaps a combination of photography and print as that is what I enjoy most, however for our end of degree show I am in the process of producing an installation piece with no print work and none of my own photography. This implies how I have developed as an artist throughout university, experimenting other applications and discovering what I now feel comfortable making.

My future plan is to become an Art teacher within a secondary school. My studies within school, college and university with taking art at GCSE, A-level and now as a degree have lead up to me gaining a PGCE teaching placement at Staffordshire University commencing September 2015. I have known for a few years now that teaching is a career path to persue and I feel I have made the right decision after work experience within schools throughout my second and third year of University.”

Last year I hit a rough spot with a close friend. I’m not sure why it all transpired, I’m sure I can remember if I really wanted to think about it but I don’t want to rehash it in my mind.

There was something through all twisted ways I got portrayed and scenarios that got conveyed Inaccurately that struck my chest. Is THIS who I am? Is THIS how people see me?

I did self evaluation through the entire blurting of hurtful spitfire. I looked at myself objectively. You have to in times like these. How else can you change or grow out of it / into someone better?

Though I saw some things I could change - and committed myself to openly and silently changing ( example : making more time for friends - canceling less) I realized hey: I have consistently. CONSISTENTLY never cared when a friend cancelled on me, didn’t show to a birthday (my birthday) or browbeaten anyone as to their whereabouts Bc hey, we all have lives. I don’t blow people off, I accept that my friends love me and if they can, they will be there. Just Bc they choose to be somewhere else, I don’t take it as a personal blow. And I can admit to my flaws. And always - ALWAYS family is a priority.

I guess, I’ve come to understand that if a friendship is strong and they choose to be someplace else - that the friendship remains. My ultimate happiness is when my loved ones are where they desire to be Bc that is where their heart is calling them at the moment. I’m blissful with it. They either need to work something out, need a break from life’s pace that’s caught them or they get to be with someone who they’d like to see. NO BIG DEAL! That’s why you have to be comfortable in your own skin and have hobbies. Be happy they are happy!!!!!!

So, this particular friend through the upbraiding I received couldn’t and WOULD’T admit to the countless times she let me down or cancelled on me Bc she was “too tired” or “it got too late” “something came up”, etc. in her mind she truly didn’t see these events.

I realized this was maybe in part my fault. I never pointed it out. And as I finally, FINALLY pointed out to her - it was Bc “love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs and love does not count (transgressions)” plus even though occasionally I may be a bit or a lot let down I moved on and was it really worth being upset about? Hey, people get tired, kids get overwhelming and running a home — blahhhhhh ….. Somehow I assumed the same - wrong. Wrong. Wrong. She asked for examples and even after my explanations of why I couldn’t/wouldn’t give them I choose 2 to appease the appetite (“that’s Bc there aren’t any!”) they did not count and “ it’s not the same!!!!“;..

What I got beyond that was “Love doesn’t count Chrissy”…. My own words. After I fought for days (yes days) to not give examples. Sigh.

Then this: “and you blog about God and your Christianity and living a good happy life! Look in the mirror! Your life’s a mess! And before you go off giving relationship advise, maybe you should look at your own”.


….okie doke.

Well that stung. I had just launched a site I worked hard to create, began blogging, was creating a social media presence and then one of my closest friends hits me w that.

I shut down shop. Hadn’t posted anything new to my site since. I couldn’t bear it. I let those words sync deep into me - and I heard the lies “fraud”. Well…. The devil is a liar.

Here’s the truth :

Don’t feed the beast.

I am happy I give the leniency I give. God is forgiving and I live my life according to His will the best I can. I love hard. And despite difficulties I strive to live a happy life. Anyone who makes u feel like this way, has something wrong in them (not WITH) ; something poisonous that needs loved out.

My life is complex - it can be a mess!!!! But there are many / more than not wonderful times when I am completely, fully happy…. Bc I know how to separate the bad from my real everyday life. In other words: I know the bad will pass. It doesn’t encompass my entire being or life.

My relationship. I keep private for the most part, barring some family and friends. I mean beyond the normal stuff. You shouldn’t talk down in public who you’re with. Bad times happen. Those pass. Bad impressions linger. If it doesn’t uplift that person,if it isn’t pleasing - why repeat it??

Let’s be honest. Most people are better at giving advice than taking it anyway! Lol

Anyway. I guess what I’m saying is - it’s great to be back. The lies led me eventually to a place of apathy in my path. I really don’t need that. This makes me happy. And I know it makes my Lord and Savior happy too.

The fences have been mended,but not without effort and for me I feel some knotholes.

I will love with a Christian love.

- live your bliss!




Ron Brinkmann

This photograph of some candles was taken inside a mirror box, which is what creates this amazing effect. The artist used mirror tiles arranged in a cube to make each side reflective, and then placed candles inside to produce this ethereal yet psychedelic scene. Just by slightly altering the angle of the camera, objects or mirrors, an entirely new kaleidoscopic image can be created.

Although in reality the mirror box is very small, when you take a look inside, a whole new vast world unfolds in front of your eyes, allowing you to stare out into a never-ending abyss. Brinkmann’s images are so awe-inspiring and enchanting, and it is hard to tear your eyes away from the magical view he has created. The viewer is invited into a new, surreal world that they have never seen before, all due to the placement of a few mirrors. These captivating images use normal objects and makes them look wonderful through repetition and pattern in an extremely artistic way.

I would love to use this technique in my final outcomes to enhance my landscape images and, like Brinkmann, use them to create a fascinating new world different from the one we live in. 

New TV Forum post: Which is the best BBC logo? (TV Home Forum)

I’d love to see the “leaned it even further” pitch that initially won, I can only imagine how hideous that branding scheme would have looked. Perhaps it is an age thing, I hold no particular nostalgic attachment to the 1988 logo and can therefore look it at through more objective eyes and see the many, many issues MLN touches upon. I don’t actually agree that it is a technically accomplished piece of design, even discarding its on screen problems. The full colour render has inherent s… (Latest post by Jonny)

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