Look at all those details

decepticonsensual replied to your post:HOLY CRAP! Cyclonus holomatter avatar is…

WOW. Yeah, I also knew what the basic look would be, but she’s stunning! Love all those steampunky details,and the purple-tinged hair and makeup.

One of my favourite bits is the hair clip clearly meant to emulate Cyclonus’ horns. And yes, you can never go wrong with steampunk. I really hopes this means the Milne designs are considered the ‘canon’ looks for the avatars.

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How about an AU where you learn to draw?? Look at all those amazing artworks on the Internet, so much detail, beautiful colouring, properly drawn on a program that isn't like fucking Microsoft paint. But look at yours. Absolute shit. Looks like a toddler drew it. But you are like 12 anyway so not far off lol

excuse u but I’m 16