Look at all those details


❝ i will do whatever it takes to protect you。

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

"Spirit", By Jyri Straechav, 2014. 

Something a little less horror and a bit more “dark fantasy” or something. It was just an idea that I had, and here it is. I rather like how the surface turned out. I might (in other words: I will) use this technique again to work on my future pieces. Have to wonder what to do next, though… hmm…

My poor attempt at using paint (!) to show you that it’s not the same shirt, it’s probably the same model, just not the unique same shirt, the pattern is placed differently. You can see two distinctive pieces of pattern that are in different places in either shirt (green and red) and in light blue you can see that there are pieces of the pattern that are just not there. Same model and brand most likely, JUST DIFFERENT SHIRT.


Let’s move to a different location. This one is getting stale.

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I haven’t drawn much south park stuff for my main blog, it’s always my ask blog, sense kyman isn’t happening there it’s happening here. Delicious. Also it was brought to my attention that some people have been reposting my art, most of it being for rps- which is fine. But I would appreciate it if you could credit me somewhere, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t I’m pretty lenient about it. And you don’t have to ask to use my art just go ahead (sense people use it without asking anyway) just please credit, and that goes for any art you post anywhere for anything. yeah.

…and they will love you back!

Joel and his ‘Bot family! The original sketch (which contained many inaccuracies and goatee!Joel) was drawn weeks ago, but I only got around to inking and coloring it around MST3K's anniversary. (Post-Turkey Day fanart?)

I’m considering drawing a Mike version. (Maybe a Joel+Mike version as well?)

Also, don’t ask why Crow and Gypsy have eyelids. And Joel doesn’t look like Joel aaagh I’m sorry OTL

Two things that make me really happy, which I can’t properly compare because I like them both so much:

  • Pony fan art in cartoony styles different from the show’s style that are still superflat and stretch and distort the characters with big fun exaggerated poses and expressions.
  • Pony fan art that gives the characters and environments real form and depth and texture but that maintains the bright colors and cute shapes and proportions of the show.

Like this and this are both on the first page of my dash right now and I just feel good that’s exactly what I want my dash to be like.

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✿ Appearance☼ Personality☯ Decisions - chester


"I don’t even know where to start- He- He is really good looking-  I first thought he hid his face for some hideous injury but- No… He is really handsome man… and I do like his style a lot- Of course his clothes have seen time and ruined mostly but… Still he looks so nice in all those details- and that coat. So exotic if I may say? Nothing like that back at home-

But why on earth he has to cover that beautiful face and wear that awful, awfully eerie mask…? It feels so strange to have a proper conversation and stare at that lifeless… malicious grin….. at least hat covers part of it- making it look somewhat tolerable because have you seen those painted eyebrows on it…? Even thinking about it gives chills…”


"Very… confusing personality-  It’s almost impossible to read him- He sounds really pleasant and polite- so smooth but- there is something… really fishy about him- But I think all Carimian are like that? So they say…
However, he is very tolerable, interesting company when you find a common language. You never know what to expect- I guess it’s the charisma that forgives his bad habits- because I am not sure if I could take another one like he is. Easygoing, even lazy and patient- when it’s something else than waiting the oven…”


"Can’t say I agree with him in every situation… He tends to make things sound smaller than the things actually are. He covers his problems and doesn’t even speak much about his personal things. It’s slightly concerning really… I don’t know much about his business but it does seem his actions lead into troubles eventually- Can one really get away consequences every time? I just don’t wish him any troubles-" 


Hulkbuster Iron Man Avengers: Age of Ultron Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figure by Funko

If you thought yesterday’s reveal of Funko’s new Avengers: Age of Ultron Pop! toy line (seen here) was amazing, then you’re going to lose your mind over this super-sized Hulkbuster Iron Man Pop! vinyl figure! This is Funko’s second 6” Marvel Pop!, and it is seriously sick. They really killed it with this Hulkbuster Iron Man figure. Just look at all those details. This bad boy just took the title of The Blot’s all time favorite Pop! figure. Now bring on the movie so we can see this devastating Hulkbuster Iron Man armor go to war with The Incredible Hulk!
The Hulkbuster Iron Man Avengers: Age of Ultron Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figure stands a whopping 6” tall, features one point of articulation and comes packaged in a full color displayable window box. Look for this behemoth to retail for around $14.99 each.