Lol I need to stop

Who from Achievement Hunter do you fight?
  • Geoff Ramsey:He could hold his own, but would probably be too drunk to care depending on the day. Fight him, you got this.
  • Jack Pattillo:why would you even want to fight Jack. He is the embodiment of puppies and kittens. Don't fight him what's wrong with you.
  • Ryan Haywood:no. Don't do it. He throws knives. You stand no chance. Do not fight.
  • Michael Jones:while Jack is the embodiment of puppies and kittens, Michael is the embodiment of a volcano. If he wants to fight you, you're fucked. Do not fight.
  • Ray Narvaez Jr:Fuckin do it. The dork would probably fall asleep halfway through. Fight the hell out of him.
  • Gavin Free:the dude weighs like eight pounds. You could blow on him and he'd probably fall over. You could take him. Fight 'em.
  • Bellamy:Since i don't take orders from you...
  • Clarke:You literally follow me around all the time
  • Octavia:I have seen you bring guns to her faster than i can blink
  • Raven:You went from ''Whatever the hell we want'' to ''Did Clarke agreed to this?'' in a few days
  • Abby:You look at her even to ask permission to go pee
  • Kane:Son even i can see the heart eyes you making
  • Jasper and Monty from the distance:We have seen dogs show less loyalty to their masters
  • Jason:Even i have called you her knight
  • Bellamy:You all SHUT UP

i love how in this episode they paralleled

elsa going on an adventure with kristoff aka anna’s true love

and elsa going on an adventure with killian aka EMMA’S TRUE LOVE.

don’t even deny it at this point