❝ The Queen’s Handmaidens are an elite group. They aren’t servants or pretty decorations for the court. They are chosen for their courage and intelligence. They would give their lives for the Queen and for Naboo. In other words, they aren’t there to fetch me glasses of nectar. ❞  [x]


The Cast and Creative Forces behind Welcome to Night Vale! 

(names and roles are in the image captions)

(edit: so I made this photoset a million and a half years ago, and I figured I’d update it since Tamika’s VA has changed. I may also do a part 2 since the cast has expanded a LOT since I made this) 


This is a group of people who I’m gonna know for the rest of my life, and I wanna know their kids, and I wanna go to their weddings. And to see them live their lives for the past three or four years that I’ve known them has just been unbelievable. I just couldn’t live without them, they’re my favorite people in the world.” - Taylor Swift about The Agency


beautiful mixed qualities, prints and fabric manipulation from Eugénie, a label by the lovely Liz Wilson

art direction by Simon Oosterdijk


When you take a moment, promise me this

That you’ll stand by me forever, but if God forbid fate should step in

And force us into a goodbye, if you have children someday

When they point to the pictures, please tell them my name