I still miss Mario Balotelli being at City. Even though he used to drive us all nuts.We all knew Mario was a little crazy. The thing was, Mario was crazy when he wanted to be.
He’d do daft things whenever he felt like it because he thought he could.We’d go out on the training pitch and he’d kick the balls away in different directions just to be silly, or he’d throw cheese over people when he was sat in the dining room.

A lot of his behaviour, I feel, came from a feeling he had that he was somehow different and maybe a little insecure.He used to say that nobody loved him and I’m sure he believed that was true, though it was anything but.

Sometimes he’d get a message from reception saying the police wanted to speak to him and he’d say ‘F*** the police!’Then he’d remember that he’d driven past the police pretty quickly. He was always seeking attention.

But that was Mario and I’ll never forget him

—  Sergio Aguero on Mario Balotelli  (x)