An Update

Hello everyone,

This is Avery, Claire’s daddy. I apologize for the late night post, but I am posting on behalf or my princess. Don’t worry everyone, she is alive. She didn’t die so please don’t worry. Last night she had an extreme depressive episode and relapsed. It was scary because it worries me when it happens, however, it is all over now and she is fine and stable and is getting better. Last night and the past few weeks have been very stressful for her, so she has decided to take a small break from Tumblr. Don’t worry, she will be back to being her cute self and hanging out with you soon, and she has some items queued up, so you might see the occasional post. So in the mean time, I’m going to ask you all to send her messages of encouragement and happiness because I’m sure she would appreciate and it would boost her happiness and it’s just nice to see her happy when you all support her. So please, send her all the love and hugs that you can conjure up. And if you have questions about this post or just general questions about me or us, address them to me by putting “To Avery” in her message box. But any specific questions about Claire for her, please hold until she returns. I love her so much and she loves you all. Please support her like the lovelies you all are. Thank you for your support of my princess. We both thank you so much. I love you Claire.

Thank you again,
The Mad King


I hope that everyone out there is taking the time to celebrate in some special way their little-ness today! 

Being a little is such a magical gift- we are those who retain our childlike wonder and excitement and are able to escape the dreary boringness of adult responsibility in our playtimes! Each of us expressed our little-ness in a different way, but one thing connects us all - WE ARE ROYALTY!

Have a happy Littles’ Pride Day everyone!

xoxo The Three Duchesses