007-reporting | Do you wanted to see me ?

Lisbeth was sitting  at home on Fiskargatan 9 on Mosebacke. Red chair from Ikea began to be uncomfortable because of more than a 6-hour sitting on it. The girl was looking for news about Jim Moriarty, one of the criminal bullies who seemed to be very interesting. She reached for a fry of red Happy Meal’s box when suddenly her phone started ringing. She reluctantly got up from the chair and went to the bedroom. Lisbeth Salander has her own large bedroom - funny story. The display shows Armanski number. The girl frowned. "Lisbeth, I have a job for you - please come to Milton Security.“ Lisbeth threw her phone on the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Dragan Armanski was sitting at a large wooden table and shook the keys from his car. When Lisbeth came into the room, he straightened immediately. The girl sat in the end of the room and looked at the man interrogatively. "The head of MI6 asked about you, he wants you to work with agent 007” Dragan put his glasses on his nose and read accurately text from a white paper. "It’s James Bond, they want you to..“ The man paused as he realized that Salander is no longer in the room. He took a deep breath and ordered to open the garage of the official cars.

Salander walked into a large MI6 building and looked around, she doesn't like foreign places especially in a foreign country. "How can I help you?” A black woman stood in front of her with a big smile on her face. “My name is Lisbeth Salander, someone wanted to see me here.” The woman nodded.

Salander went to the office and looked at the familiar face. She walked to the desk and sat down on a chair. “You wanted to see me?” Lisbeth doesn’t like to make a new contacts, she prefers to work alone at home.