As part of each motif, the contributors of Motive Magazine will form a playlist that reflects their work and the overall mood of the motif as a whole. The playlist will act as a musical accompaniment for you as you experience Motive. As a little sneak-peek of “Wonderland”, each track comes with individualized album art featuring a piece by the contributor who chose the song to represent their work as well as a look into their own personal wonderland. You can download the official playlist of “Wonderland” here.

01. Dario Marianelli | Dawn

02. Purity Ring | Fineshrine

03. Panda Bear | Friendship Bracelet

04. IAMX | Bernadette

05. Erik Satie | Gymnopédie No. 1

06. Florence + the Machine | Shake it Out

07. Aphex Twin | Jynweythek Ylow

08. Gold Zebra | Love, French, Better

09. Paavoharju | Puhuri

10. Twin Sister | Ginger

11. John Maus | Quantum Leap

12. Joanna Newsom | Go Long 

13. Björk | New World




lindsey came up to nyc this weekend. i hadn’t seen her in close to two years. she’s a geophysicist in a grad school program at rutgers now.

it was so good seeing her again. we ate pizza, drank margaritas, and shot a little around my neighborhood. sorry i didn’t get to see you again last night sweetpea, i fell asleep and never woke up. next time. i love you.