Having my favorite celebrities tell me that they think I’m talented and that they love my art is the best feeling in the world! I can’t believe how many people have tweeted me with kind remarks and retweeted my art, I feel like the luckiest person. #Blessed #CloudNine #MadeMyYear I LOVE the Scandal cast, the gladiators, and obviously the show - it’s all INCREDIBLE!
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They said 7 people died in that explosion. They were wrong. It was eight. Let’s go home! - Huck to Quinn Perkins/Lindsay Dwyer

Moment: Huck goes to get Quinn back to DC after her impromptu visit to her hometown Oakland, CA. What Huck says to her when he catches up to her at the scene of the bomb explosion says volumes about Huck.

Quote: It was eight.

Thoughts: I’ve also enjoyed Huck & Quinn scenes ever since he helped her out with getting Gideon Wallace tipsy to get some info in season 1. 

This is such AMAZING moment between them. You really felt where Huck was coming from. 

I think in more ways than none Huck was actually talking about himself. I loved that writers and Shonda continue to use this device to let the audience in how the characters are feeling at the moment.

I loved the insightful message Huck dished out to Quinn: You can’t go back to your past. You just gotta move forward.