Imagine James and Lily bringing Harry to an Order meeting when he is a few weeks old and Hagrid sees the itty bitty baby that was made by two of his favourite people and asks to hold him and all of other adults are scared that this half-giant with his large lumbering hands will crush the poor thing but Lily and James just smile at each other and place their cooing baby in Hagrid’s arms and Hagrid holds Harry like he’s the most precious thing in the world

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Together or not at all. 

Definitely something different to post about, and honestly I hope that you enjoy it. Also its a beautiful video with a very good instrumental soundtrack on top of it. 

We really don’t have anything better to do than debate Team Snape and Team James with name-calling and rude commentary? Really? All that rich detail in the world of Harry Potter and that’s what we’re still stuck on?

None of these characters are angels; they’re people. People are flawed. Everyone in the series is massively flawed. They’re people.

And dang, quit disrespecting Lily Evans. I don’t care if you disagree or agree with her choice, but it’s her life, she knew them both well, and it’s her decision, damn. You can’t just discount Lily as the “prize.” Eesh.

I just know that the first weeks after Harry was born Sirius would sneak in their house after they went to bed and go sleep on the floor next to Harry as Padfoot, and that whenever Harry started to wake up and cry Sirius would pick him up and calm him so he wouldn’t wake his parents.

Lily and James just thought Harry was a very easy baby.