Help Me Feel Comfortable in My Body

Hey everyone, I’m trying to raise the money I need to so I can get the things I neeed to help me transition  from presenting myself as mascuine to presenting myself as feminine.  While I’ve gotten many things that have helpd, there are still a few more things I would like to get, such as breastformes, that I still need more money for. 

Let her play. Let her be little. Let her forget about school when she’s at home. Let her home time be about whatever she wants it to be.

Let me know that she gets enough of it at school. Let me know she doesn’t need me to turn everything into a learning opportunity. Let her play. Let her be little.

okay so try this on for size

(aka I attempt to make sense of at least SOME of today’s metric assload — yes this is a scientific measurement —of spoilers)

So, we’ve known for a while that the Charmings have some kind of dark secret that is supposed to change how you view them in the entire series, starting back in season 1. We also know that we’ll see them dealing with the QoD in the EF prior to the first curse in the next episode. We ALSO know that whatever this secret is, they don’t want Emma finding out at any cost.

SO: here we go. Maleficent and King Stefan, Aurora’s father, had an affair, and this resulted in Maleficent going after his wife, Aurora’s mother, somehow. (In 2x01 when he wakes her up with TLK, Philip reassures Aurora that Maleficent can’t find them here, and she refers to something Maleficent did to her mother, if I’m not mistaken. In 1x02 back when we met Maleficent for the first time when Regina was getting the Dark Curse from her, Regina also implied that Maleficent had gone after Aurora’s mother). A child, Lily, is born of this illicit affair. At the same time, Snow and Charming are trying to broker some kind of deal with the QoD to stop the curse, which the QoD for whatever reason aren’t interested in doing — maybe they don’t think Regina can/will actually do it, etc. Who knows. So, and once again this is just me spitballing in the dark, Snow and Charming are somehow responsible for taking Lily away from Maleficent and sending her to the LWM — as payback, as incentive, as something. Maybe she goes with the curse, maybe she goes before, who knows. But anyway, as a result of Snow and Charming’s direct agency, Maleficent loses her child.

About 15-odd years later, Emma and Lily (who are obviously about the same age) meet in the LWM. Snow and Charming’s daughter who they didn’t want to give up, and Maleficent’s daughter whom Snow and Charming took away from her. Emma leaves Lily, and obviously doesn’t think much about her at all until she sees her on the videotape with Ingrid. Snow and Charming don’t recognize Lily because she was just a baby when they last saw her, and why would they think that anyway? And since Maleficent is dead, or dragonified and/or in ashes under the library, they are confident the secret is safe. But now Cruella and Ursula, who know about the switcheroo/baby-napping, are coming to Storybrooke. RUH-ROH.

In other words, this would push all of Emma’s buttons at once. She’s still getting used to the fact that her parents chose to give her up and send her to the LWM alone, but has more or less accepted that it was for the “greater good.” But now if she finds out that they willingly did that to another child, it would ROCK her. Especially since said child was someone she met and ALSO left behind. It would tarnish our idea of Snow and Charming who only ever made selfless choices — they made the choice for someone else that they wanted to avoid at all costs, i.e. forcing another magical girl away from her parents to grow up alone in the LWM. In other words, they basically used Lily as a sacrificial lamb and yet that didn’t even work and she STILL had to grow up without them.

So yeah. This is the theory I’m going with until it’s disproved in next week’s ep. Heh.


1.  Carmen in a bag!
2.  Lily demonstrating why there aren’t many pictures of her.  (About 2 seconds later she was biting my cell phone.)
3.  ”I’m pretty too!!!”
4.  Lily in a bag!
5.  Moxley watching SportsCenter and trying to not be part of this ridiculous bag thing.  (Yeah, he needs his spring hairdo, but it’s gonna snow tomorrow…)

Can we talk about how Lily was most likely taller than James until about third year.

Can we talk about the first time James approached her after his growth spurt and she probably turned to face him only to find herself looking at his collarbones and him thoroughly enjoying the look on her face before she goes on to sass him as per usual as though nothing had chganged.

500% sure that when Remus was stumbling over his words trying to tell Lily he was a werewolf that she presumed he was trying to tell her he fancied Sirius, which resulted in a very confusing conversation for both of them.

Imagine The Marauders as Teachers Though...

James would teach history and have the kids stood on the tables reenacting famous battles throughout history. 

Lily would work at the primary school down the road where Harry goes but would visit James’ work place regularly and get a few looks from the young boys James knows too well (“eyes back in their fucking sockets please, you little shits, that’s my wife”).

Sirius would be the school drama teacher, making the girls (and some boys) swoon when he rides into the school car park on his motorbike.

Remus would teach English, a passion of his, and the way he would talk about Shakespeare and Lee with that gleam in his eye would inspire the students,too. 

Peter would be in IT and the marauders would totally not hack into the school website and put inappropriate puns all over it. 

Remus and Sirius would try and keep it professional but they were so obvious about their relationship and James and Peter would so  join in the gossip when the kids asked if they were together.

 They would never grow out of pranking and would often give tips to the students but everyone (even the other staff) looked forward to their end-of-term pranks. All of the parents were confused as to why these teachers still had jobs, but their kids loved them so they did not complain.

The Marauders as teachers….