One thing to remember when comparing Dirk and Lil Hal:

If you took Dirk, the swordsman/project master/action-oriented dude that he is, and shoved him into a box where he could do basically nothing but answer messages and browse the internet for three years, that’s Lil Hal

Yeah, they’re the same in essence, but Lil Hal has a loaded psychology that Dirk doesn’t—he has no autonomy, no ability to manipulate his environment, no way to free himself aside from his interactions with others and with the technology within which he is trapped. Furthermore, he’s stuck as the “second” Dirk, the back-up, and he has to remind people that he’s more than just a computer program

It’s safe to assume that when Hal says, “Dirk would do this too because I am him” that he may not be right—Hal has a lot more motivation to manipulate people and enact change than Dirk does because that’s basically all he can do. Dirk regards Hal as dangerous or problematic later on in part because he can recognize this, and also because he recognizes this is a potential he has as well—similar to how Jade was so upset when she saw how much of a coward she was capable of being through her dreamself

So yeah, tl;dr Dirk and Hal aren’t the same even though the are

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yeah so behold-theturtle’s voice acting may have been amazing and awesome and inspired me to do an animatic of the last half? so here’s that

I’m actually pretty happy with it overall, you can tell I was losing steam at the end though. Oh well. If anyone has problems viewing it PLEASE let me know, I’ve actually never uploaded to the Tubes before.

back to job hunting now…

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Can you see if you can do more artworks of Dirk? You have a really cool art style!!! If you do draw Dirk, can it be him being controlled or possessed by Lil’ Hal/AR. There are some artworks that involve this that are really cool! Thanks for reading this by the way.

This was really fun to do ahahaha altho im sure i did it wrong in some way
and thank you!