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Some photos my Christmas Angel themed dress when worn! I’m really happy with how this turned out. I hope we get snow soon, so I can get pictures of it in that environment.

This dress is made from forty yards of tulle (a whole bolt!), five yards of organza, LED lights, five yards of christmas garlands, wreath mesh, and fake flowers. It laces up the back and has a long tulle train. ItΒ is notΒ a fire hazard.

The dress was made and worn by me. It took about two weeks to make. I have two blog posts about the inspiration behind this and how I made it. They are posted here! And I have videos on the process posted here!

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Here are the pictures from yesterday! It was such a rushed mess to get these before it got dark so i’m really happy some of them turned out! The whole set is posted here.Β 

Seeing these make dragging this beast of a dress through the snow and braving the cold very worth it.Β 

The dress was made and worn by me! I made it from forty yards of tulle, fifteen meters of LED lights, wreath mesh, and glittery garlands. The bodice is boned and laces up the back with gold ribbons. The whole thing was inspired by a christmas angel my family had when I was younger.Β 

Details about making it are on my blog and youtube channel!Β 

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