Amélie has no boyfriend… instead she cultivates a taste for small pleasures:
Dipping her hand into sacks of grain
Cracking creme brulee with a teaspoon
And skipping stones at St. Martin’s Canal

The Complete Wes Anderson Questionnaire
  • Send me the name of a character for an answer to the question, feel free to reblog and share.
  • ---- Bottle Rocket ----
  • Dignan:Do you have a detailed plan for your life? What are your plans for the next 10 years?
  • Anthony:Have you ever been pressured into anything by your friends?
  • Bob:If you were to ever plan a heist, what would be your target and what would be your get-away vehicle?
  • ---- Rushmore ----
  • Max:Are you part of any clubs or societies?
  • Herman:If you could run your own business, what would that business be?
  • Rosemary:Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? What would you teach?
  • Dirk:Have you ever written an angry letter?
  • ---- The Royal Tenenbaums ----
  • Margot:What is your greatest childhood achievement?
  • Richie:What is your favorite sport?
  • Chas:Would you consider yourself to be a hypochondriac?
  • Royal:What is the biggest lie you have told?
  • Eli:If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
  • ---- The Life Aquatic ----
  • Steve:If you had a ship, what would you name it?
  • Ned:Have you ever been pressured into anything by your parents?
  • Jane:Would you make a good journalist?
  • Hennessey:What is the most expensive thing you own?
  • Klaus:Do you enjoy working as a team?
  • ---- The Darjeeling Limited ----
  • Jack:Are you a romantic?
  • Francis:Have you ever been in a severe accident?
  • Peter:If you could own an exotic animal as a pet, what would it be?
  • ---- Fantastic Mr. Fox ----
  • Mr. Fox:If you had a bandit hat, what colour would it be?
  • Kylie:Do you have good credit?
  • Felicity Fox:If you could paint any landscape, which would you paint?
  • Ash:Do you consider yourself to be 'different'?
  • Kristofferson:Do you have any relatives in distant places?
  • ---- Moonrise Kingdom ----
  • Sam:Do you make friends easily?
  • Suzy:What kind of bird are you?
  • Scout Master Ward:Are you a good leader?
  • Captain Sharp:Did you grow up in a close-knit community?
  • ---- The Grand Budapest Hotel ----
  • M. Gustave:Do you have a signature scent?
  • Zero:What have you worked hard for in your life?
  • Agatha:Are you a good baker?
  • Dmitri:What is your favorite painting?
  • Madame D:Do you plan to remain glamorous in your later years?