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@tumblr why do i see plenty of like ‘u are valid’ posts and plenty of ‘its ok to be bad all the time uwuu’ posts but never any posts pushing 4 recovery to the best extent possible 4 all people and actually working on issues rather than this constant acceptance and stagnation which is gonna make things worse over time

The professor and his apprentice since I’m going down nostalgia lane with these games….Drew Luke a tad short but eh. Also finally finished Miracle Mask. It’s awesome to see how the series grew in terms of the quality of animation and even cinematography.

Drawcember Character challenge - prompt 3/12
— sketch an antagonist.
— finish one of week 1’s prompts into a full colour piece.

//doesn’t paint at all for two years
//casually breaks art hiatus with probably the best painting she’s done her entire life

So apparently you can level up your art skills by… not arting? I don’t even know anymore, guys. But here, have an Abaddon.

openCanvas, about 8 hours.


"Practice makes more better." -Sifu Ray

There are very few things that this does not apply to. Talents helps, but it is not the most important thing. Work + no talent will get you further than talent + no work. Talent + work goes pretty far, so enjoy it! People tell me they can’t take my tai chi class because they’re uncoordinated. I see them move and they’re not much worse than how my other students were when they walked in the door, but they believe they can’t, so they leave. Meanwhile, the supposedly no talent students who stuck around are looking great. They have results for their time spent. Maybe they won’t ever be superstars at it, but their level of improvement is significant. 

If there is something you want and believe in, put in the hours. Put in lots of hours. Remember that experience counts. No one can just walk in and do the thing immediately. If they could, then the thing would not be of much value, would it? Before you get jealous of someone else for being able to do XYZ, ask yourself, how many hours have they put into their practice? 

vodkaliciousunflower replied to your postSince I’m not having an internship, there’s like…

you mean in those countries you don’t have help for Erasmus?? If you have no other choice I’ll choose Germany :/..England without intership is pretty expensive

Nope, I ONLY have help for those countries…

The problem is that it’s really important that I go in an English speaking country, because in Psychology, and even more in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis), English is crucial. Most of the papers and studies are in english, and the better courses are in English.

If it was only for my own entertainment I’d immediatly choose Germany, because I like the country and wants to learn the langage. But for my studies, English is primordial :/

I need someone to constantly be cheerleading me to keep writing. I wrote that ficlet a couple of days ago, but that was a strange exception of sudden concentration and motivation, only happens once every eighty seven leap years if the moon is on the right position. Right now I have great ideas for at least three ficlets, and I am super hella insipired for the long fic I started last year for DCBB, but guess how many of those things I’m actually writing¿? Zero, not a word.

At least when someone cheerleads me sometimes I tend to have a sudden burst of motivation to write for like 20 mins, so the ideal thing would be to have someone completely give up their own life and move to my head to spend the rest of it permanently cheering for me to keep writing. Yeah, that would be wonderful. Think I could find someone willing to be my perpetual cheerleader in exchange of simply abstract gratitude and appreciation¿? :P