I love the very last scene— Schur and I talked about it a lot. And I love Leslie’s last words. [Ben] says, ‘Are you ready, babe?’ and she says ‘Yeah. I’m ready.’ I love that it feels like we happen to be jumping off the train of watching the show but that maybe the characters are still hanging out. I like that feeling, like there’s a parallel universe where the characters are all together. Because that’s what I always thought of with all the shows that I liked, that they still were there, around, even when we didn’t get to see them on TV.
—  Amy Poehler on the final scene of Parks and Recreation (x)

“She’s the kind of person who believes that, no matter how much power you have, you can make a difference, you can contribute, you can change things. Her kind of blind spot is how slow and hard it is. How slow change it happens.” – Amy Poehler on Leslie Knope

The series finale of Parks and Recreation closed last night on a shot of Leslie Knope, smiling into the camera. “Yes,” she said, “I’m ready.”

The finale could have been something out of Leslie Knope’s “Hopes for the Future” binder from 2009. In a series of short segments, the last-ever episode of Parks and Rec showed us what becomes of each of Pawnee’s main residents. In each case, the future is blindingly happy. April and Andy have a baby. Ron becomes the park ranger of Pawnee’s national park. Garry Gergich dies on the night of his 100th birthday, having served as Pawnee’s longest-running mayor, married to a still 60-something Christie Brinkley.

There are no loose ends or nagging questions. There is just the deeply comforting idea that if you are good at heart, things will work out for you.

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Things Parks and Rec Taught Me

-Never start a job you dont intend to finish. 

-Face your problems head on. 

-Never half as 2 things. Whole ass 1 thing.

-You can do anything if you have passion. 

-Value the people you work with.

-Love your friends like they are family. 

-Your name is important.

-Treat yourself. 

-Anyone can climb out of the pit. 

-Clear alcohol is for rich women on diets.

-There is not a sadness on this earth that cant be cured with breakfast food. 

-Calazones are pointless (and Im lying I eat them so often just to honor the spirit of Ben Wyatt) 

-TIme is money. Money is power. Power is pizza. Pizza is knowledge. 

-Sometimes you gotta work a little to pull a lot. 

-Libraries are just the fucking worst. 

Thanks for making me laugh so much Parks and Rec. I love you and I like you. 

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