Leo Female: Psychology

The Leo woman has father issues; she generally finds the male parental influence weak or arbitrary. She may project this view on men and could be at once predatory and emasculating. She can be imperious and dictatorial, particularly toward other women. She may be ritualistic in the extreme. Leo woman has difficulty admitting fault and is given to rage. She can be preoccupied with perfection — an overachiever and workaholic. For all her passions, she struggles with showing simple affection, falling into cold and calculating attitudes and behavior.

A page from one of my favorite books, Sextrology. It talks about each zodiac sign and splits it be sex. There is a couplings section that covers straight and gay couples plus your turn ons! It’s funny cause I have been in love with this book since I was 16 and thinking about that age makes me feel a little old. I miss the days where I used to hang at borders with all the girls and read them their turn ons. I love showing people my book<3

Hairstyles for the Signs!!!! Females!!! And Explanation!!! (Anon Request)

Aries -


Ladies of Aries you have beautiful thick hair, you should really let that show. Be careful when you go to get a cut, you may tend to make decisions on a dime, so try to think before making a choice. :)

Taurus -


As a down to earth Taurus, you don’t tend to desire everything to be of extravagance, you are perfectly fine with having something quite simple. :)

Gemini -


You love to be in style, so having a stylish hairstyle is quite a must. You will do everything and anything to get the cut and color that you want. :)

Cancer -


As a Cancer you are fine with not having any extra bells and whistles. You enjoy nice clean, feminine looks consisting of soft curls, or straight and long. :)

Leo -


You have amazing thick, mane like hair so SHOW IT!!! You don’t like change very much so finding a hair dresser that can make little changes is perfect for you. :)



You want your hair to stay in it’s rightful place. A shoulder length bob, nice and clean is a way to go. :)

Libra -


As a stylish Libra you prefer a style that is easily changeable to fit perfectly with your outfit. While still looking elegant and sophisticated. :)

Scorpio -


As the intense Scorpion you want a look to show this as well as help create that aura about you. Although keep that love for the more rich colors alive. :)

Sagittarius -


You want a hairstyle that is easy to fix, yet still resemble your fun, out going personality. :)

Capricorn -


You enjoy your hair to stay clean and the way you want it. Yet you have perfected your own personal style as well to add to it. :)

Aquarius -


You are perfectly fine with taking risks, so trying something others wouldn’t is right up your alley. You incorporate your quirky personality within your style, creating one that looks perfect on you. :)

Pisces -


You want a great style that is effortlessly perfect. A long and flowing style might just be the one for you. :)

Day 07 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

The Leo woman is one of the most fascinating human beings! She is among the women who know how to highlight their value, regardless of their financial or intellectual power. God has endowed the Leo woman with an emotional capacity that, if left alone, becomes a real engine of manifesting her erotic, physic and sentimental vitality. The Leo woman will always play the role of great love or of misunderstood artist successfully, from the image of a mother to that of the ideal lover. Passionate, beautiful, solar, shining, intuitive, creative and erotically imaginative, the Leo woman can become the aim of any man who wants to make a good impression in the society, taking at his arm a woman of a sumptuous royalty, dressed up according to the latest fashion.

How to Win Her Back!

How to win an Aries woman back: give them gifts and lots of pleading.

How to get a Taurus woman back: Show her you’ve changed, but this may take some time so be prepared.

How to win a Gemini woman back: sometimes all you need to do is simply ask.

How to win a Cancer Woman back: Is almost impossible.

How to win a Leo Woman back: you have to impress her all over again with money, gifts, intelligence, & attention.

How to win a Virgo woman back: admit that everything was your fault.

How to get back with a Libra woman: persuade her that it is worth it.

How to win a Scorpio woman back: prove your innocence

How to get back with a Sagittarius woman: all you can do is beg & grovel but that still might not work.

How to win a Capricorn woman back: show her what you can do and provide for her.

How to win an Aquarius woman back: might not be able to, once they lose interest they never go back.

How to win back a Pisces woman: you will have to sweep her off her feet again

Leo Female Teen Profile

If the prom queen isn’t a Leo, the vote was probably rigged. Leo ladies are the center of attention all day, every day; and that’s exactly how they like it! The Lion girl always looks good. Her mane is always perfect, and she is always sporting the latest fashions. The only labels she wears are designer, which means it’s someone else who’ll be shopping at the Gap. As for the heart, she tends to take things far too personally. Her flamboyance and love of the spotlight make her a natural for Tinseltown. With her creativity and drive, she could be the next Madonna. Her hobbies outside of acting and other artistic endeavors include things like playing tennis, riding, and sailing. The ever-sociable Leo will always be the leader of the group, and the bigger the group, the better. That’s why big schools will be on her radar screen once it comes time to choose a university. She may be a handful at times, but she’s definitely going places! And getting there will be plenty of fun for the Leo girl.

Your Virgo Female with....

cellolvr9819 asked aliasrequired:

Hi! I’m a virgo female and I was just wondering what relationships would be like with the other signs? If possible I’d love anime gifs but if not, it’s your blog after all :) thanks so much. I love your blog!!

Haha, it’s alright, I love anime gifs

Aries boy…


Taurus boy…


Gemini boy…


Cancer guy…(or dog XD)…


Leo guy…


Virgo guy….


Libra boy…


Scorpio guy…


Sagittarius guy…


Capricorn guy…


Aquarius guy…


Pisces guy…


The Leo female as a lover
  • The Leo partner
  • For Leo, love makes the world go round. Like every other experience in life, love is mythic to Leo, something which must be dramatised to the utmost. Comfortable fondness and affection isn't Leo's style. Leos love to be in love and to play the lover. If you're the recipient, it's probably not like anything you've experienced before.
  • The Leo partner in love is romantic and magnanimous. One way to show love is to lavish gifts on the loved one. And those gifts aren't just ordinary boxes of dreary chocolates. They're likely to be expensive, exotic and hard to obtain, and usually they're meant to be worn so others can admire them. For heaven's sake, show your appreciation, and show it loudly. A Leo who has gone to a great deal of trouble with a gift can feel crushed and humiliated if the gift isn't received with suitable enthusiasm. Leo is a better giver than a receiver.
  • For Leo, love is a creative act. Sometimes you can get the odd feeling, in the midst of all that romance, that Leo is so in love with being in love, and so enchanted by a mythic image of love, that somehow you haven't been noticed. It's a common problem in Leo's relationships. You feel sort of left out, if you haven't got the knack of stepping in and out of fairy tales yourself.
  • But whatever the difficulties, Leo is really the ideal lover. The gift of making a love affair magical and special is one of the Lion's nicest qualities. The Leo partner can make you feel as though no one in the world has ever been in love before. She loves with style and without inhibitions. And it's in Leo's nature to be loyal, too. Although the Lion can be vain and loves to be admired, Leos are essentially constant partners with an idealistic vision of love as something that endures. If they're truly in love, they'll move the earth for you. Naturally they want something in exchange for all that passion.
  • The Lion is a jealous cat, and won't tolerate lesser creatures pursuing her chosen mate. Leos don't mind a bit of competition. If you're special enough to attract lots of admirers, well, that's a reflection on Leo's good taste. What they can't endure is betrayal, which is deeply wounding and rarely forgiven. Leo has a naive and idealistic heart, and betrayal of trust is, well, dishonourable. That means, by the way, not just sexual betrayal, but betrayal of her ideals, her dignity and her sense of self.
  • The Leo partner doesn't expect only loyalty and fidelity. She also wants to be treated like a queen. Now, that's a sword which cuts two ways. Leo can be so loveable that you want to treat her like royalty anyway. On the other hand, that imperious assumption of specialness can get a bit tiresome, because sometimes it goes with a double standard. It's sometimes difficult for Leo to remember that other people are special too. She's apt to forget it.
  • In exchange for all that love, loyalty and adoration, Leo offers a wonderfully protective quality. Leo has a generous heart and will fight heroically for those she loves. She can be untiringly supportive and terribly caring, and she's not averse to making some pretty big sacrifices on behalf of her loved ones (it's the little everyday sacrifices that are sometimes harder). She can give up everything and never begrudge it.
  • Life with a Leo partner is always exciting and alive, but rarely smooth. She's too touchy and temperamental, and her visions and ideals are too big to avoid inevitable conflicts in the smaller realms of living. Leos don't get along with the inconsistencies and limitations of human nature. What they want is the total love, the mythic love, the love that was eulogised in troubadours' songs six centuries ago.
  • On one level, that kind of love doesn't exist, and Leo usually suffers disappointment somewhere along the line because of this. Yet that mythic love is a reality on another level, and no sign is as capable as Leo of bringing the world of myth into ordinary life and gently reminding you that you're also a hero or a prince. When you spend time with someone who tries to be a walking myth all the time, you start noticing that myths are all around you, and a relationship with a Leo can convince you that fairy tales can come true after all