°Honey Color - Super Pinky Green contact lens review°

Overall I love those contact lenses. They are very comfortable. They are a bit hard to put on at first but I got used to it now. For comfort, I would’ve given a 10 but my eyes dried up fast with them. So I guess this mostly depends on your eyes. The color is stunning but you can see the contour of your eyes. For me it’s fine since my eyes are blue but it might be a problem if your eyes are brown or any dark color. I love the style because it looks natural beside the fact that it’s wider. In low light ir doesn’t even look like contacts. I love them. I would recommend them to anyone interested. I bought them to cosplay Eren Jaeger

Link : http://www.honeycolor.com/super-pinky-green.html

Facebook : HoneyColor Online Circle Lens Store

Price - $25.90 
Duration - 12 Months
Diameter: 14.8mm
Comfort : 9/10
Style : 9/10
Color : 9/10

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Pinkicon Circle Lenses Review (en.pinkicon.com)

About Pinkicon:

We share the hottest fashion & beauty trend amongst Korea & Japan!

- Pinkicon has over 500 circle lenses & numbers of most popular cosmetic in stock.

- 100% Authentic Guaranteed and Free Shipping Worldwide

- Pinkicon pronounce: Pink - icon

Product link: 

1.EOS Dolly Eye Series Blue


-Duration: Yearly

- Package: 1 pair

- Price: USD$ 25.06

- D.I.A: 14.20mm

- B.C: 8.60mm


Okay, this is my first time making a review, I’m really excited! c:

Pinkicon contacted me via tumblr less than a moth ago and suggested me to sponsor their circle lenses and make reviews of them. 

This lenses were shipped the 12 of January and I got them in the mail yesterday, 16 of January, I was amazed that they took such a short time to get here! 

Here is the package that I got:

The package came in perfect conditions , wrapped in bubble plastic and this were all the items inside it:

They choose the pair of lenses for me (I suggested them to send blue ones for my Jack Frost cosplay and so they did), and also added two packs of 10 day circle lenses (ash brown and purple), a lens case, a little card with how to contact them and a cute  “Wear and Care instructions” page.

EOS Dolly Eye Series Blue:

It took me some time to put them on because I’m really bad putting lenses, but after just a few seconds they get actually really comfortable and it feels like you are not wearing lenses at all∼ I’ve been wearing them for almost 7 hours and my eyes don’t hurt!

This lenses color pigment is not 100% opaque so they get  darker when I put them on because my eye color us quite dark (dark hazel-green), but the black ring around the colored part makes the blue look brighter and when the photos are taken with a higher lighting, the color also gets brighter as you can see in this photo that I took with the flash on.

This lenses diameter is 14,20cm, so they made my eye look bigger, that makes them perfect for cosplaying any blue eyed anime/manga character!

I took this photo to show the patter on the lenses more clearly:

the patter is not very detailed, not as much as other circle lenses brands that I use, but the patter becomes more realistic once you wear them. 

Also, their color changes a bit with different lighting, here some pics of my natural eye color and how the lenses change with the different lighting:


+artificial light:

+natural light:


These lenses color is visible from a bigger distance, not just close ups. Here are someone non close up photos of me without and with cosplay wearing this lenses:

Probably the only bad thing about them is that you can’t purchase them with different powers (graded), but anyways, I think this are pretty good lenses!!

Here is their website: en.pinkicon.com

Tumblr: pinkicon.tumblr.com

Instagram: instagram.com/pinkicon_shop

Facebook: facebook.com/pinkicononlineshop

You can also contact them here: marketing@pinkicon.com