"I’ve had a picture of your face in my mind for twenty years. I remember a loving husband, a generous man, a patriot. I may have been under orders to fabricate a life with you, but there were times when the illusion of our marriage was as powerful for me as it was for you…"


Vaughn: I’m trying to live a normal life… which was always hard, given what I do. But it’s gotten harder since I’ve met your daughter. It’s not that knowing her hasn’t made my life better. It has. But it’s also made it that much worse. I think I’ve said enough.
Irina: The problem, Mr. Vaughn… is that to the one person who matters… you haven’t said anything. 
Vaughn: Listen. This may not mean anything to you, this may not be something you understand, but we have rules. Very important rules that govern the relationship between a handler and his asset. 
Irina: And between a man and a woman?

What am I supposed to say? Something insightful? The first time I see my mother in twenty years, and she almost kills me. Which would have made me the thirteenth CIA officer she’s killed. She’s former KGB. She’s betrayed my father. She’s betrayed me. She’s betrayed this country. All anyone needs to know about that woman is that she’s a bad guy.

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