FT Island's Lee Hongki's Tweets About Bangtan

“@[FAN]: @skullhong 어린 아이에 취해 버린다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/eSRrn4v9Dv”잘가…나도 저럴때가 있었어…부럽다

“@[FAN]: @skullhong Drunk by this young kidㅋㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/eSRrn4v9Dv"Goodbye…I was also like that at that time…I’m jealous

“[FAN]: @skullhong にいさん。BTSもいちらんきたって! pic.twitter.com/ZVBL0TQc0y”それで??。。。おれのいちらん。。うばわれた??

”[FAN] @skullhong Nii-san. BTS also went to Ichiran! pic.twitter.com/ZVBL0TQc0y“So??…my Ichiran..has been deprived of??

(T/N: Nii-san means older brother in Japanese. It’s like oppa.)

(T/N: Ichiran is a ramen shop in Japan.)

Trans cr; Hyo @ bts-trans


Typical remarks Kpop fans are sick and tired of hearing

1. “why don’t you listen to like…normal music?”  

why don’t you like…use your brain for once? 

2. “oppa gangnam style!”

*applauding your impressive musical references*

3. “oh look! there’s an asian guy over there!”

Wow! A human being! I had never seen any before!

4. “so you like short dicks?”

yes, i like to collect them in jars, wanna see them?

5. “chinese, japanese, korean… well that’s the same, they’re all just ching-chongs”

“idiot, dumbass, ignorant asshole”…well that’s the same, all those words describe you perfectly

6. “you know they all eat dogs and cats, right?”

*speaks w/ asian accent* yes, every living thing can be eaten, my child. 

7. “they all look the same”

of course they do, they’re clones

8. “is that a boy or a girl?”

Nobody knows. Korean idols are still a mystery for scientists.

9. “so when you marry a korean guy, you’ll get eyelid surgery to look asian?”

of course, it’s a tradition in korea.

10. “ewww they’re so gay, it’s disgusting”

homophobes are not admitted in my circle of friends, bye

11. “that’s just garbage music, they only do it for money”

and what do you listen to, again? don’t venture into this territory with me

12.“they just copied american music”

i’m so sorry, i didn’t know americans had invented music and never got inspired by other countries.

13. “why do you listen to that ching chong music? you’re not even chinese”

so i guess you’re actually american, my dear? (only for non-american fans)

14. “oh well you’re asian so obviously, you listen to asian music”

and obviously, i only talk to other asian people, so just get out my face

15. “they can’t even rap, they’ll never beat Lil wayne”

… says any kpop hater who never took the time to listen to any kpop song

Inspired by BuzzFeed articles and this one in french