leo dying at ravi’s speed quiz answer ~__~
(hongbin wanted you to say “gopchang” ravi…………)

N: N would first think you are a little crazy by doing this dance in the middle of the street. Once you remind him of the anniversary he forgot, he would tell you that he really appreciated the effort, but that you are still crazy for doing the dance in the street. “Oh, well thank you! It was cute. But next time don’t do it in the street.”

Leo: Leo would be embarrassed. Embarassed that you are doing this cute dance for him in the middle of the street where curious bystanders are looking, and embarrassed that he forgot your second anniversary together. “*lowers head* Oh…no.”

Ken:  Ken would be embarrassed as well, but he would try not to show it. He’d cheer for you as you danced for him, but then quickly whisk you away from the public once the dance is over. “Woop woop! Yeah! That’s my girl! *claps and whistles* *mumbles* But can she hurry up…” 

Ravi: Ravi would be utterly speechless. He wouldn’t know if he should stop you from dancing or just let you finish. Either way he’d have nothing to say until he found the right words that need to be said. “Remind me never forget our anniversary…”

HongBin: HongBin would suffer from serious second-hand embarrassment. At some point he might actually consider walking away from you and pretend that he didn’t see you. However, that would be mean considering you went out your way to learn the moves just for him. “Yay?”

Hyuk: Hyuk would also think that you are a little crazy, but he’d cheer you on nonetheless. Once you are finished, he’d probably give it to you straight and tell you to never attempt something like that again, especially in the street, without giving him a heads up first. “Next time let me know about the surprise before you surprise me.”

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