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I can’t talk about Jade..I have so many feelings about Jade that I just..wow this show..why does it feel like it’s been years when really, it’s been three weeks. They’re touching on every single subject..shit I’ve gone through, shit I’m still going through and it’s all hitting me right in the heart..Also Paul, my poor poor dumpling..I can’t

Moment of appreciation for David who has willingly listened to me work through bits of story and character for the last 13 years and does it with joy. Moment over. Thank you for your time.

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please someone write something about Alex being nervous singing the national anthem - maybe that's why Jack had to be there and he's like 'Jack don't leave me up here alone' and Jack's like 'dude you know the people don't want it to be a duet' or something (Also as a non American you guys have seriously catchy anthem - like I feel patriotic for you when I hear it great work there)

(Also as a non-American can I agree that they have a very catchy anthem. I don’t know my own national anthem but I know theirs tbh.)

Someone get on this!

- Toni

#ok #i just want to take a sec #to talk about this scene #because i don’t think it gets enough credit #you can try to tell me #all you want #that klaus is yelling because he’s angry that the massacre is complete #or that now that the triangle is complete silas and his dead enemies will come and kill him #but i think we all know the truth #in that moment #he is scared for caroline #he knows deep down #that this is going to wreck her #and he knows this #cuz once upon a time he lived it #he wants caroline to embrace her nature #but he also never wants to her light to go out # so he will stay up all night to dig those graves for her #and he’ll fuck it up later with his words #because thats what he does #but #baby steps yaknow?