armin-noticed-you-and-finally said:

sophie what is your skin care routine? DO YOU EVEN HAVE ONE I WAS JUST ASKING BC YOU'RE PRETTY

ahh thank you 

I just have a foam cleanser I use in the shower for the ol face and then a moisturizer *patrick bateman voice* with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries out your skin and makes you look older. 

oh and I have this really nice facial mask I use once a week. I try to use stuff that has all natural ingredients but I don’t really have a consistent routine because I’m kind of lazy when it comes to grooming.   

but I do wear sunscreen all the time so the sun doesn’t incinerate me. 

siriusscrewsblokes said:

Ok so lots of people write Remus as pining after Sirius and kind of hopeless and desperate but honestly I feel like it would definitely be Sirius who would be all fluttery and hopelessly pining for Remus to notice him and his feelings

Yes. This is my shit. This is great. This is wonderful. 

I think that Remus would fancy him, but he’d be able to put it out of his head. Sirius, however, once he noticed he liked Remus, would not be able to forget about it, and he would be trying to do hopeless little things for his attention.


You wrote the rules to try to contain me
You broke them, now you have untamed me
And I’m wild, I go wild.

(This is what it’s like living in limbo.)



inspired by this post.

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