How to Handle Darkroom Chemicals

With film photography, your work doesn’t end at snapping a picture; the development phase is half the process – and half the fun. A lot can go awry during development, and a million dollar shot could turn out hideous if not developed right. This is why I always recommend experienced professional photographers to develop their own film. This gives you control over the whole process of film photography, from taking the picture to printing it. Plus, you can make sure you make compensations where necessary and develop each shot as required and desired.

That being said, you do need to be mindful of how technical the process is, and that it is called a “lab” for a reason. When developing your own film at a rented/borrowed lab, or in a homemade darkroom, you need to be extremely careful about handling the chemicals required in the process. These are either toxic or acidic in nature, and can be quite harmful if not handled properly.

{Photo by Terry}

The chemicals you need in your arsenal:

There are three major chemicals you need in the development process, including a few optional ones. You start with the developer, which is the one that makes the picture magically appear out of nowhere. Black-and-white developer is used for black-and-white film, and colored developer is used for the C-41 chromogenic color print film. You gently slide the exposed paper into the developer and agitate for the required amount of time, which is usually 90 seconds. After this, the chemical activates the light sensitive halide crystals which make up the paper emulsion.

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I was shocked, until I really thought about it what it meant.  I thought about how often I get down on the floor and play with our kids or how often I dress up and play pirates with them.

Playing is not observing.  

  • It is not reading while your child plays.
  • It is not watching them dance around in a Cinderella costume.
  • It is not watching them build a tower out of legos.

Playing is playing.

  • It is reading with them.
  • It is dancing around with them.
  • It is building with them.
  • It is getting on the floors, doing an activity with them, even when we are too tired to play. 

I want to encourage you to play with your kids today- really get down on the floor and play with them. Put everything else aside (leave your phone in the other room).    To help you get started today, here are a few suggestions that I give to the families that I work with:

1- Schedule it if you have to.   Schedule your playtime.  Set aside time, every day, that is devoted to your child.   Maybe it is 12:00 right after lunch?   Whatever works for you- just be ALL there.

2. Mix it up when you get bored of playing the same thing.   Find a new activity- make it fun for yourself!  Find toys and games that you would have loved to have played when you were little!
         …I won’t say that I bought the Disney Princess Castle  toy just because I think that it is really fun to play princesses with our daughter, after having three sons… nope- I won’t say that at all.
…I also won’t say that I bought play dough accessories for their stockings because I wanted to be able to make play dough spaghetti and play dough ice cream cones with our four year old.   Nope-I did not by that for me.      haha!

3. It doesn’t have to be a MAJOR EVENT.
I think that we think of playing with our kids as this big event- like we have to be outside, at this special park, playing a football game or something.  It doesn’t have to be that way.   I tell my husband all of the time when he decides that he needs to go play at the local school even though we have a perfectly good back yard for the kids to run around in.  I say that it really can’t be that way, because we can’t maintain that.  We can’t take them to the park, with a football, water bottles, cleats, etc…  every time that we want to throw around the football.   Its just not practical.  We need to make it work for us.   Sure- change it up and make it fun, but remember that playing with your kids can be done right now- this very minute- with whatever you have at your house.   They don’t care what you are doing.  They just want YOU.
Maybe you just throw on flip-flops and head outback to throw the ball around for 20 minutes?
You can even sit at the kitchen table, throw down an old tablecloth and grab some play dough.  I love play-dough playtime because it is a great time to sit and catch up with my child.  We create and make things, but we talk at the same time.   I also love working with our DIY creativity kit for the same reason.  I have as much fun as they do!

4. Listen to your kids as they play with you and talk to them.  Don’t just be “there”, but really be IN THE MOMENT.  So many times I feel like we are “there” but we aren’t “really there”.



Learn How to Crochet a Self- Striping Infinity Scarf….

An Chopail - How To Use It part 1

The copula is used instead the verb ‘bí’ when describing things that are in a permanent ‘e.g I am a man’ or ‘constant position’ (A job basically).

A few general rules to follow:

There is only 3 tenses (to my knowledge) used in the copula

The present tense - An aimsir láithreach

The past tense - An aimsir chaite

The conditional mood - An modh coinníollach

An Aimsir Chaite = An Modh Coinníollach

(Grammar will be discussed in part 2)

So, with these in mind, here is a few examples;

Is bádóir mé - I am a boatman 

Ba bhádóir thú - You were a boatman or You would be a boatman

Ní dochtúir í - She is not a doctor

Níorbh ailtirí sinn - We weren’t nurses or We wouldn’t be nurses 


Learn Chinese Day #107

我希望我不會太常分享有關學中文的訊息!  I hope I am not sharing too many posts a day.  I just have a lot to share to help you learn Chinese and have FUN!