Lovely decorative brass stand, perfect to display art, business cards, leaflets or even tattoo flash!
Previous image shows stand without print on it 🍂link to store under bio🍂 melodymoonantiques.bigcartel.com (art by @darylwatsontattoo)

The Night Vale mayoral race is heating up in preparation for the mayoral election this next June. The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home has taken to leaving leaflets inside the wiring and pipes of your appliances, to be found when the sparking and the shaking become so much that you must hire, or capture, a repair person.

The leaflets are tastefully designed, with an anatomically-detailed drawing of a sparrow’s heart, and the simple slogan: “You are fragile, and blind, and wanting, and stepping alone into the great darkness of the future.”

It also has her five-point policy platform, which is mostly interesting facts she has learned about bees.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 37 - The Auction

A Vanitas Still Life with Books and Leaflets, a Globe, a Princely Flag, a Musical Score, Musical Instruments, and an Hourglass on a Draped Table with a Silver Tazza, Coins, a Watch, and a Purse. Edwaert Collier (Dutch, c.1640-c.1707). Oil on panel.

The princely flag and the very specific text on the sheet of paper lower centre may indicate that this picture was painted as a commemoration of one of the Princes of Orange. It may allude indirectly to the appointment of William III of Orange as a Stadtholder.

New resources on intersex issues for allies, parents and service providers!

OII Australia and ACON announce three new resources to explain intersex to the LGBT and broader communities, service providers and parents of intersex children.

Download PDFs from the OII Australia website.

10 reasons to not court Dorian of house Pavus as compiled by the Iron Bull, captain of the Bull’s Chargers—OBLIGATORY READING
  1. a bookworm, will abandon bed to read in the library in the middle of the night if the need strikes him
  2. a blanket hoarder
  3. uses shopping as a coping mechanism. looks good in everything he buys tho
  4. likes spicy food; kissing him after meal results in your tongue getting burned off
  5. can’t multitask. promises scratches behind ears, starts reading, fingers stop moving. the worst
  6. conducts magical experiments in the common area where people eat
  7. snores. in the morning insists than you snore
  8. when has to get up before dawn, uses magic to brightly light the whole room up to apply his make-up just so. no consideration for other person or persons present
  9. doesn’t like pets, says they smell and shed on his favorite robes, doesn’t want to hear about a tiny dragon (dragons don’t shed, Dorian!). resistant to reeducation
  10. already spoken for. go find your own one or else

I love artist!Grantaire in fic but like, even in modern AUs he’s usually written as a painter, which is fine and all, lots of people are painters, but I feel like we’re missing out on the beautiful possibilities of Grantaire as a modern day art student in a specialism other than fine art

like illustrator Grantaire who does lovely pictures for children’s books but won’t back down from a porn commission if he needs the money and also he and Jehan collaborate to make beautifully eerie illustrated books of poetry together

comic artist Grantaire who vents a lot of his frustrations and self-esteem issues by drawing passive aggressive autobio comics sarcastically portraying his perceived day to day failures but in a funny enough way that they’re really popular online

graphic designer Grantaire who just sort of pleadingly whispers ‘Helvetica’ every time Les Amis produce yet another leaflet in some indecipherable ugly font

animator Grantaire who shows up to Les Amis meetings looking like he’s stared directly into eternity and the others are like ‘???’ because their idea of art school is a bunch of people lying around smoking pot and occasionally throwing paint at a canvas and Grantaire is just like ‘I’ve been awake for 39 hours and in that time I have drawn over sixty very similar drawings of the same character and that amounts to approximately five seconds of footage and I regret everything’


Screen printing process of the Tarot Suits Spellbook Leaflet by Adrienne Rozzi // POISON APPLE PRINTSHOP

The screen printing process: Screen printing is a printing technique that involves applying ink by hand to a flat surface through a woven mesh screen. Through a scientific process of using light-sensitive emulsion I am able to convert my drawings into stencils on the screen. Each color has it’s own stencil and is applied in separate steps using a special hand tool to push ink through the screen. The Tarot Suits Spellbook Leaflet screen print has a black “Key Image”. The colors are applied first then allowed to dry before the black key image is printed over top. The holes that you see in the attached paper line up with small pins to ensure each layer of color is applied in the same place on each print. The print then gets trimmed, signed, and numbered! The benefits of screen printing rather than digital printing are great. Not only are my screen prints 100% hand made from start to finish, but colors are more vibrant and even tactile. You can feel the ink raised on the surface of the paper and though slight, this makes the colors stand out and adds dimension and texture. I am a strong believer in DIY and all of my fine art prints and patches are handmade using this screen printing method.