Ansızın hayatınıza biri giriyor, sorgusaz, sualsiz gelip kalbinize yerleşiyor. Başlarda fark etmiyorsunuz, ona çekiliyorsunuz ama anlayamıyorsunuz. Sonra birde bakmışsınız ki, kalbinize yerleşen kıvılcım olmuş bir ateş topu. Kalbinizde kor ateşlerde yanmaya başlamış. O ateş, sizi günden güne yakmaya başlar. İşte o zaman anlarsınız, ilk başlarda içinde hissettiğiniz kıpırtılar, aşkmış. Ah birde karşılıksız bir aşksa sizin ateşiniz, kalbinizi buzullara da atsanız, o alev sönmez. Aksine dahada şiddetlenir. Yapacağınız tek şey, üzerine buzlu bir bardak su içmektir...

Su içmek iyidir…

A few of the basics:
1. Since the early 2000s, Doe Deere has been cyber bullying her way into infamy, despite her public anti-bullying stance. This includes filing a lawsuit against a blogger who spoke out against Lime Crime.
2. Ever notice a lack of negative reviews for their products? That’s not because everyone loves #LC. It’s because deleting comments, blocking customers, and attacking negative reviewers are all part of Doe’s business strategy.
3. As many know (and were affected by), LC’s website ran unsecured for 5 months, resulting in a hack and customers lost thousands of dollars. What did #limecrime do to make it up? They sent out letters and offered a free membership for a shady website security company. No coupons, no reparations for the money lost by thousands.
4. Simply put, LC products are not worth their cost. Many makeup brands provide more product at a lower price and much higher value. There have been myriad accounts of customers receiving damaged or spoiled products, and oftentimes it can take up to 4-6 WEEKS to receive them.
5. A lack of respect for their loyal fans. After the news broke of the hacking, Doe Deere disappeared from the Internet for a short while (her usual tactic when shit hits the fan), only to return urging people to buy her new products and continuing on posting about her lavish life as if her own customers hadn’t lost hundreds because of her poor website security. Last year, Lime Crime suddenly stopped shipping to Australia and NZ, and the pro artists’ discount that many companies offer was removed from LC years ago.
💄#limecrimemakeup is a company only interested in profits. Their image may seem to be all about the customer l, but deeper digging reveals a much different motive. 💄 #boycottlimecrime

faithhopeloveandwanderlust replied to your post:Honestly, if you don’t ship CS or SQ, why do you…

how dare you post about non-OQ things!! What were you thinking?! ;)

Idt I’ve ever posted anything even remotely anti-sq, anti-cs, or anti-Emma/JMO. I mean, yeah, I’m obviously an er first and foremost, and I ship oq, but why can’t I like other things, too?

I kind of ship oq, cs, AND sq. *shrug* And I love all the characters/actors. I’m just a general fan of the fucking show.

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Do you want any tattoos?

Yea dude.
I’m getting Tylers x they got at the Lc show to remember the day I stayed alive.
Also getting Roman numerals for an important date and I have lots of other ideas

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Honestly, if you don't ship CS or SQ, why do you care about what Jen posted?


If you’re talking about the comment Jen made about FT3 (and I have to assume you are because it’s the only OUAT-related thing I’ve posted that wasn’t queued since like…Friday), idk why you’re upset? I just posted the comment itself because it sounded quite diplomatic and I liked what she said about loving her fans.

I’ve been pretty busy with real life stuff this weekend, and I don’t know what you’re talking about or what’s going on in the fandom today.

…but I’m sorry?


Easy Veggie Soup

Such a beautiful and ridiculously easy soup, particularly for the amazing taste. Mum (non-vegan) said “this is the best soup I’ve ever had” :) much love x

Happy Memorial Day from Team LC!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Before we hit the beach, we wanted to take a moment to remember all the men and women who have fought for our freedom, and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We are so grateful to them.

We also hope that everyone is enjoying the day off in proper Memorial Day fashion. Whether you’re relaxing in the sun or firing up the barbecue, we hope you’re making the most of this long weekend! We’ll be back to blogging tomorrow, but in the meantime we thought you’d enjoy these Memorial Day themed posts…

Happy Memorial Day!

XO Team LC

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Sevdiğin türkçe şarkılardan tavsiye istiyorum

Sezen Aksu:
-Seni Kimler Aldı
-Sarı Odalar
-Ben Sende Tutuklu Kaldım
Volkan Konak-Mimoza Çiçeği
Barış Akarsu-Islak Islak
İlhan Şeşen-Sarılınca sana
Kaan Boşnak:
-Yorgunum ve Ağrılar
Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz:
-Ateş Edecek Misin
-Sanırım Sarhoşsun
Zeynep Casalini-Duvar
Mehmet Erdem-Acıyı Sevmek Olur Mu
Kıvılcım Ural-Kapat Gözlerini
Su Soley-Bu Yaz
-Güllerin Içinden
-Sarı Laleler
-Hep Yaşın 19
-Ah Bu Ben
-Çoban Yıldızı
-Bana Öyle Bakma
-Sevdim Seni Bir Kere
-Kupa Kızı Sinek Valesi
Kayahan-Bizimkisi Bir Aşk Hikayesi
-Bodrumun Suları
-Vur Kadehi Ustam

Daha çok var ama yaza yaza tükendim 😁

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How many copies of the lc lp do you have, and would you be willing to do a giveaway with the extras??

3 but 1 is for play 1 is for display and 1 is for @ delicatejjoy

  • Westley:It's completely vegan. It's a plant that grows in the ground.
  • Dawn:Did anyone ever tell you, you are an amazing cuddle buddy?
  • Westley:Everyone has. Oliver, Stephen, LC, Sonia
  • Dawn:Bet she's cuddling with Sasha now. Not platonically. Bastards.
  • Westley:I know, D, I know.
  • Dawn:Holy crap, are you just like craving grilled tofu right now? Covered in vegan ice dream.
  • Westley:I usually want to eat pop tarts, anything that's technically vegetarian and unhealthy. I have some cheese if you want.
  • Dawn:Cheese isn't vegan. Screw it. I'm heartbroken. Westside!
  • Westley:Yes, Dawny?
  • Dawn:Get me some cheese.
  • Westley:I have never liked you more than right now.
  • Dawn:Let's watch Animal Planet!
  • Westley:Did we just become best friends?