4x01 "Lazarus Rising"

"And why would an angel rescue me from hell?

6 years, 2.190 days, 52.560 hours, 3.153.600 minutes, 189.216.000 seconds. And the very first one started here.

A frienship. Between a human and an angel. A friendship that lasted through hell, heaven and purgatory. A friendship that was tested and spun thin, but never broken. And it all started here.

A more profound bound. Between two people. Understanding one another without words. Able to read one another with just once glance, with just one touch. And it all started here.

On thursday, September 18th, 2008 in a barn in Pontiac, Illinois.

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Six years ago Lazarus Rising aired. There was great secrecy around the episode, especially Castiel:

* An early episode outline and the casting sides for Castiel indicated he was a demon. Misha based his preparation for his audition on this. Listen to him talk about it in this, his first episode after the episode. 

* To hide that Dean was coming back from hell, he was referred to as “Guy” in the sides.

* Ruby’s return was also hidden. She was described as a waitress who was a love interest for Sam. Kripke later said he did this specifically to screw with the fans, given our reputation for hating love interests.

(note: sides are sections of a script.)

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Who’s to blame for one adult writing a birthday song about Supernatural set to Frozen’s “For the First Time In Forever” for her equally adult sister?

It’s me, you guys. I’m to blame.  

Hey sis, there ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.

(FYI, 9/10 spoilers.)

anonymous said:

It isn't even the anniversary of him taking human form, is it? I mean, he'd been possessing Jimmy for over a year during season four. And he's possessed other people.

According to Jimmy’s Superwiki page, Castiel took possession of him, not long before Dean is resurrected. So technically, ‘today’ is just the anniversary of Dean’s rescue from Hell by a GROUP of angels. 

OR the anniversary of Sam and Dean’s reunion.