i’m excited for fall and my big bed and cuddling to laura stevenson and other good things that are better in the cold

HEY So I’m starting a Music Compilation called Songs To Save Kids where all of the proceeds will be donated to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation for research.Contributing artists/bands include Laura Stevenson, Lemuria, Math the Band, and many more! 

I’ll be posting news and updates on the facebook page here: www.facebook.com/songstosavekids

Reblogs for Signals Boosts would be great!

Thanks a lot!!

A Shine To It
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A Shine to it- Laura Stevenson And The Cans


I sold my blood to a hospital

but it wasn’t very much blood so they didn’t give me much money
they didn’t give me much.

I thought that you might like this
because it’s got a shine to it
I know you like shiny things so
I will try to buy it up for you
and drive to you.

I posed unclothed for an artist in his home
but i couldn’t hold it long enough and he didn’t like my body much so he didn’t give me much.
I thought that you might like this
because it’s got a shine to it
I know you like shiny things so
I will try to buy it up for you and drive.

Sorry, Dudes. The Ladies Won Punk This Year. 

Every year around this time, music writers like to participate in the numerical masturbation ritual known as year-end lists. (Stay tuned for ours!) This is always followed by the even lamer ritual of endless bickering over said year-end lists. Then someone will inevitably stir up the pot by pointing out that not enough female musicians were included. And while I have about as much interest in getting involved in a heated argument about gender equality in music as I do in watching a single episode of either Entourage or Sex and the City, I do want to take a minute to point out that the ladies of rock totally crushed it this year. Just absolutely slaughtered the dudes, musically.


Watch on www.jadedpunk.com

Laura Stevenson - Full Fest Set (including a Menzingers cover)

So, we saw Laura Stevenson recently and were all, “How was Fest?” And she was all, “Man, if you wanna make the Fest crowd happy, do a Menzingers cover.” For sure.

We are excited to announce that our third full length album, “Wheel”, will be released April 23rd on Don Giovanni Records!

Pitchfork is streaming the song “Runner” now!

You can head over to the Don Giovanni Records store to pre-order a 7” featuring "Runner" + 2 b-sides from the “Wheel” recording sessions!

Also, don’t forget, we have a bunch of tour dates coming up!

Watch on ryanrussell.tumblr.com


You can watch my newest Nervous Energies session with Against Me! over at http://www.nervousenergies.com. The band performed two songs, one of which features Laura Stevenson too!