important reminders for myself and others

- I am stronger than I think

- All feelings are okay, even those that are difficult to handle are okay

- I have overcome before and will overcome again

- Letting go does not mean forgetting, it means accepting the change and allowing myself to grow

- Most things are temporary, even the most difficult or most amazing things will pass, learn and grow from both

- It’s okay to ask for help

- A good cry is sometimes necessary and very helpful

- Tea, laughter and friends are as good as medicine

- Life goes on, move with it cause it waits for no one

It’s so strange how many different laughs I have…

There’s the Vine laugh, which consists of high pitched yelping.

There’s the brother is reenacting the Fast and Furious franchise or is just being his very sarcastic self and he’s mocking this movie or TV show which consists of me suffocating with laughter.

There’s the Mom is being brutally honest and says what everyone else is thinking where I feel a sharp pain in my chest and want to fall over from laughing.

The Dad is joking around and I’m just there crying with laughter and wiping away my tears.

and there’s I’m watching my favorite show/smart alec one liner/an interview/an actor being a total dork/adorable llama/majestic moose/precious puppy/endearing Daddy and I just giggle like I’m an excited 5 year old meeting Cinderella

I really hope you have many different laughs, and that you paint with all the colors of the wind…

I think I'll be alright.

The fact that Synthia left for France was starting to get me upset and moody, but now I know its not just me missing her terribly, its all my other friend too. I do hate all the lessons but lunch always makes me happy, because we’re always laughing at something. I really need thee laughter to help me feel better :’)

For Me? || Dirk & Hiro


Dirk blinked at the smile but nevertheless, grinned wider. He took the nicely bundled flowers and ultimately felt relief and warm. That was awesome. He could totally shove this under Ivan’s pesky nose in protest that he did have friends in Konohana.

He glanced at them. He sort of forgot what they symbolize but that was fine. Dirk’s attention perked at the suggestion. He couldn’t fight the bounce in his feet, and he ruffled the shorter one’s hair. Dirk was taller by a few inches but he had tiptoed to seem like a giant petting a puppy.

“Aw really, man?” Dirk nodded and fished something inside his satchel at the smaller pocket. “Lucky, I brought this!” Enthusiastically, he showed him the a thin rumpled pocketbook that was titled Good Jokes 101. “Laughter’s the best medicine, right doc, right?”

Hiro was caught off guard by the sudden messing of his hair, to which he closes his eyes shortly and opens them during the action. The gesture reminded him of Ayame, so he didn’t mind it too much at all.

Now, when Dirk took out the book he had, he raised his eyebrows, eyeing the object with curiosity. He then chuckled afterwards, unable to help himself. “Well, I cannot argue with that. It seems as though you have prepared for this quite efficiently. I am thoroughly impressed!”


Hospital Staff Twirl in Tutus Every Tuesday for Bedside Giggles

The staff at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital used to be known for wearing baseball jerseys touting the building’s legendary namesake, but their new uniform has a giggle factor that brings out the best in young patients.

Not only the nurses, but even the parking valet, in this Hollywood, Florida medical center proudly don tutus once a week to make little patients forget their woes.