What do I love most about you? You make me laugh. God you make me laugh. And I don’t mean a little chuckle or titter or giggle or snort. I mean the deep, belly rumbling sort of laugh. The kind that booms and bellows and spreads like wildfire. The kind I can feel in my soul.
—  Beau Taplin || B e l l y  L a u g h 
The Types of Laugh each sign probably has

Aries: Loud and energetic, bright facial expression to match it.

Taurus: Quieter than aries, cuter too. Makes you want to see them laugh again.

Gemini: Crazy. Always seems to be laughing to themselves, even if you told the joke and you’re trying to laugh with them.

Cancer: Sweet, exists only to make you feel like you’re really funny and cool. Hugs you after their done. 

Leo: Smiles more than they laugh and sounds adorable.

Virgo: Big laugh, followed by questions about whatever you said.

Libra: Cute, but sounds like they might start gasping for air if you’re too funny.

Scorpio: *throws head back and laughs maniacally*

Sagittarius: Sounds the same every time and includes a cute smile.

Capricorn: Quiet and cute, covers face if they go too hard.

Aquarius: Biggest smile as they laugh, very expressive. Infectious. Sweet.

Pisces: Crazy smile and ridiculous laughter. Nice. 


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