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25 ‘SNL’ Parodies the Popular Podcast ‘Serial’ by Investigating Whether Kris Kringle Can Magically Deliver Toys

Saturday Night Live parodied the popular podcast Serial (previously) with a sketch where the show’s host Sarah Koenig (played by Cecily Strong) investigates a child’s claim that an elf named Kris Kringle (Kyle Mooney) magically delivered him a Nerf N-Strike Mega Magnus Blaster on December 25th, 1999.

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25 New Teaser for the 2014 ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Features Nick Frost as Santa Claus

A new teaser for the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special features Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) playing Santa Claus as the Doctor heads to the North Pole. The special will air Christmas Day, December 25th, 2014. The BBC has also released the first still image from the episode featuring Frost’s Claus alongside Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

“It’s Christmas, the North Pole. Who you gonna call?”

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Janus Caturday

Janus Caturday: So Long, Frank & Louie, a Cat With a Heart in the Right Place

So Long, Frank & Louie, a Cat
With a Heart in the Right Place

For all public appreciation of felines as the very embodiment of beauty, independence, and physical perfection, here’s one who was none of the above. No matter: Frank & Louie, the two-faced cat who died Thursday, beat all odds as the longest surviving Janus cat.

Through 15 years, he was never beautiful, only made it through his…

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25 ‘The Art of the Marbler’, A Fascinating 1970 Educational Film About Paper Marbling

The 1970 British educational film “The Art of the Marbler” offers an in-depth look at paper marbling, a centuries-old technique for creating beautiful marble-like patterns on paper. The film was directed by one K.V. Whitbread (yes, really) and was produced by the Bedfordshire County Council. It was posted online by the Bedfordshire and Luton Archives.

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Listen to a song made from recording thousands of industrial machines

As spotted by Laughing Squid, musician Matthew Dear partnered with GE and recorded the acoustics used to diagnose the performance of turbines and jet engines, among other things, and the result is a dance-ready electronic track dubbed “Drop Science.” Sure, artists including Amon Tobin have done similar sorts of things before, but not at such a grand scale. Curious to hear what it sounds like when thousands of machines are humming at peak performance?

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25 Wind-Powered Strandbeest Kinetic Sculpture Model Kits by ThinkGeek

Over the years we’ve posted many times about Strandbeests, the wondrous large scale wind-powered kinetic sculptures created by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. Anyone who has ever wanted their own Strandbeest is in luck–ThinkGeek has released two miniaturized Strandbeest sculptures as snap-together plastic model kits. The Strandbeest kits include a Rhinocerous Mini-Beest and a propeller-driven Strandbeest.

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Giant Green Caterpillar Squeaks Adorably When Gently Touched By a Human (via Laughing Squid)