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This is a video clip from The Daily Show that aired yesterday.

In the wake of the IRS profiling scandal where Tea Party groups were were targeted for stricter tax evaluation and scrutiny, Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones tries to convince Right Wing politician Wayne Allyn Root how similar his struggle being profiled is to that of many American minorities on a daily basis.

Root seems to think that being stopped and frisked by police or TSA on a recurring basis because of your appearance and/or religion is simply an “inconvenience,” whereas, his company being audited because of his political beliefs is a “Disaster.”

Jones schools him with sarcasm.

"If somehow those people [the ones conducting racial profiling] were in the same position, they’d be outraged without seeing the inherent irony.." *dramatically looks to Root* 

-Jason Jones

I do believe that Jon Stewart is a warrior slaying ignorance with a comedic sword.

One self-righteous conservative at a time.

-Anna Son

Brownface Minstrelsy: 'José Jiménez,' the Civil Rights Movement and the Legacy of Racist Comedy

This week we received an email from Raúl Pérez, a Ph.D. student in sociology at the University of California, Irvine. Pérez wanted to let us know about his latest study (full document below)—a critical and scholarly analysis of the 1960s “José Jiménez” character. As Pérez states in his summary:

This study examines US comedian Bill Dana, of Hungarian-Jewish descent, and his Latino minstrel…

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Comedy Con Carne- July 28th

Flappers Comedy Club Burbank introduces a Latino comedy night.  With our special guest headliner Melissa Villasenor! The show will be going on July 28th, 2011 at 10PM in the MAIN ROOM. 

We’ll also be featuring other great comedians including:

Comedian/Magician The Great Omar (www.THEGREATOMAR.COM)

Justin Dabuet

Martin Rizo

Lucie Kara

Ranae Shrider

Keenan Baker

Richard Foster

And hosted by myself (Jose Chavez).

Produced and hosted by Flappers Comedy Club Burbank and myself.  Best place to park is in the Sears parking lot across the street.

The show is $13, and you can buy them online HERE.

Contact a comic directly for discounts or to get on there comp list!

Public Axis #104: F*ck You, The Boat’s On Fire with Mike Robles
Internet Horror! Racial Stereotypes! Mean Bosses! Man the burning ship that is the latest Public Axis with guest Mike Robles!

Recorded on January 22nd, 2015 at the Public Axis F-Stop.

00:00 Welcome to the F-Stop!  This week, we welcome one of the nation’s top Latino comics and creator of t… read more on One of Us

Little Italy

I’m near Penn Station this morning waiting for a megabus to Philadelphia. Sitting in a tiny coffee shop when two Italian men sit with me at the community table. They begin speaking with one p another, then stop to look at me.

This wasn’t because I was eavesdropping but because they wanted my opinion. I told them I didn’t understand Italian. They quickly apologize saying they thought I was also Italian.

Not a funny story I know, but I’ve never been confused for anything else other than being Asian.


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What a pleasure it was to entertain these Canadian beauties at Prohibition Supperclub in Houston!

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The Fort Greene Free Clinic

While waiting for my HIV test results I’m called into another room to complete an anonymous survey. I enter the room and the administrative clerk introduces himself and informs me of the questionnaire.

After providing some preliminary information I am asked by the administrative clerk:

AC: “what race/ethnicity do you identify as? Are you Hispanic/Latino & Asian/Pacific Islander?”
Me: *blank faced* “No. I’m Hispanic/Latino.”
AC: “Oh wow, what nationality, Mexican, Colombian…?”
Me: *still blank faced* “Puerto Rican & Salvadoran.”
AC: “Oh wow, that’s still a very interesting mix.”

PSA: my dear friends, followers, family, fellow thots/sluts/whores, and so on, please be sure to be tested regularly. Know your status!


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What Does it Take to be Called an American?

One of my favoritepass-times is watching stand-up comedians. In the 1980’s I would watch any of those that came on TV. My favorites were always George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Billy Connolly, and Eddie Murphy. Yeah, they were all pretty foul mouthed, and I knew all their routines by heart. The thing is, I thought they were hilarious. I thought other comedians were good too, don’t get me wrong. Saturday night I probably sat up most nights with my mother and my stepdad watching comedy shows on HBO or whatever channel they came on at the time. Most of the people who had the big sitcoms in the 1990’s were doing stand-up in the 1980’s. There was even a time where I thought I might want to do comedy, but then I realized I am not really all that funny, unless I’m drunk. Doing shows while drunk wouldn’t be a great idea because it has other side effects which would make my career rather short lived, I’ll go over that tomorrow since it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

            Anyway, there are still some great comedians out there, but I haven’t had cable or satellite on a regular basis in the last few years so I sometimes miss shows. This weekend I got the chance to see one of my new favorites, Gabriel Iglesias. If you haven’t had a chance to see this guy, you are really missing out. He is easily as funny as any comedian I have ever seen, and he isn’t nearly as dirty as the guys I mentioned above. Well, I don’t think so. I hate to say it, but I don’t speak Spanish, and he does occasionally use a little of it. Don’t let that stop you though, because it isn’t a detriment in the least. The show I watched this weekend has to be at least a year old because he mentioned auditioning for a movie that I believe came out last year or so, Magic Mike.

            As I said, the show was great, just like all of his shows. Something he said though caught my attention, as usual. It was about how he said he was marketed. Initially, he said he was marketed as a Southwest comic, and then a Latino comic. People cheered for that last title, but he stopped them. He knew why they cheered but he stopped them. He didn’t want to be branded as a Latino comic. Sure, he is a Latino, but in his mind, and mine, it is limiting. As he said, Jerry Seinfeld isn’t marketed as a Jewish comic, and Chris Rock isn’t marketed as a Black comic, even though they are. Why? Because, their appeal is beyond just that one demographic and by just stating their race while marketing them you really only encourage those who want to see Black or Jewish comedians to go and see them.

            Just like comedy our country loves to label people. we love to categorize people. It probably starts when we are children. It isn’t quite as prevalent when we are in grade school, but by high school you can’t escape the labels that are thrown around. All of us are categorized for good or ill into one or multiple groups. If you are despised by one group, you are usually thought well of by another. Even so, it is an annoying practice that continues on in everyday life in this country. The point is, we just can’t seem to live without the labels we want to place on each other that separates us FROM each other.

            Eventually, Mr. Iglesias got a manager willing to take a chance on him and booked a gig that would basically prove that he was much more than just a Southwest or Latino comic. I suppose he could have done that anywhere up here in the upper Midwest but Minneapolis is certainly is a good proving ground. He did a sold out show there and it proved to everyone else what he probably already knew. He was damn funny. Even so, he was probably still labeled as a Latino comic, like many of the others.

            He said it took him a trip outside of the country to a place where he didn’t think the people would really understand the humor as much, for him to finally be recognized as an American. He went to Saudi Arabia and performed at the request of someone. I think if I were in that situation I might have felt a lot like he did at first. Unsure of how I would have been received. Of course our media makes them out to be worse than they really are, but that is our media. It is sad though that any American has to go so far from his home to finally feel he is considered an American.

            Is there no way we can remove some of these labels we place on ourselves, or place on each other and recognize that even if we do not always agree or even act the same we are still one people. It shouldn’t matter what we look like, because the Americas are really the only nations that have accepted people from everywhere around the world. The United States is even an exception there as people from anywhere in the world can come here and become citizens, so there is no preset nationality that anyone has to be. An American of the United States can be anyone. If people want to use terms like Latino-American or African-American more power to them, but they are just dividing themselves from the rest of us. And those who want to send anyone who isn’t white “back home”, maybe you should hop back on your ship and find a house back in the country you came from too. Our people once came here as well, and we have no more right to it than anyone else.

            It is time we stop purposely dividing ourselves into groups and letting ourselves be categorized and just come together to be known as Americans.

Hey VENTURA…join us for “Latino Comedy Night” on Thursday, 4/2 @ 8pm at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club hosted by Q104.7’s Rico & Mambo!! I’m bringing a HILARIOUS lineup that will having you laughing all night. Unfortunately, we only have a LIMITED amount of COMP Tickets available, so please email me ASAP to join in on the laughs. Show is 21+ and non-alcoholic drinks are available. Thank everyone, for all the love & support so spread the word!

For COMP Tickets: email
Full name plus # of tickets (EX: Ralphy Figs +3=4)

To Purchase Tickets:

Comp tickets may be available but seats are not guaranteed. Comp tickets are first come first serve and subject to availability. Purchased tickets will have guaranteed, priority seating.
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Omg! This photo makes me feel like a total #homewrecker! Good times were had (by most) at #Prohibition #Supperclub in #Houston! Thanks for the pic, #Victor!

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