With all of this reshuffling of mainstream late-night hosts, one thing’s certain: It’s time for a female Colbert, one who will have more female guests and discuss more issues that directly impact women. Because although over half the population is female, there are still no female hosts on network late-night television.
I Want A Lover

I want a lover. I want some one I can hold in my arms and let them know everything is okay. I want some one I can take longs walks with and enjoy beautiful picnic dates together. I want intense make out sessions, hard deep and passionate love making. I want some one to cook with and create our own little recipes together, a workout partner and some one to travel the world with. I want a lover

Hey Egg Nog! How did you come to exist? Was someone eating an omelette and thought, “Eggs are great, but I’d like ‘em better as a cold drink.” Also, if I’m drinking at a party with my extended family; I don’t want to cut my booze with pancake batter, I need vodka in a water glass with no ice. Hey egg nog, you ain’t hardboiled; Ya Hard-Burnt!

J. Cole: “Be Free” - David Letterman