I could not decide where to order Shaquille O’Neil and Kobe Bryant. Shaq and Kobe were one of the greatest duo’s to ever play in the NBA, and during their stay with the Lakers, they dominated the league. Shaq was one of the most powerful centers in NBA history, and it almost seemed unfair the way he dominated opposing big men. Shaq led the Lakers to 3 straight championships, and earned 3 straight Finals MVPS. He wasn’t limited to winning with the Lakers as he also teamed up with Dwayne Wade in Miami for a 4th ring. Kobe is almost the same scenario as Shaq as opposing guards could not stop him from scoring. Whether he was slashing or pulling up for a 3-pointer, Kobe was a master of his craft. He won 5 rings and has lived out a long and dominant career.



🔸@Lakers: Kobe got shots up yesterday & this morning. Feeling pretty good. Byron is looking for him not to over exert himself tonight. Around 30 mins.
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Kobe Letting the Haters Know how many rings he has Lmao